You guys love quizzes wayyyyyy too much. :)

Yep. I guess you've guessed what this is, right? ;D

This is kind of an "interesting" quiz.

The question is--where are you if you go on a journey? Where are you in destiny?

Are you the person of prophecy?

Are you the person destined for greatness?

Are you the protector?

Or are you the faithful companion?

Take this quiz to find out!!! :)

1. There is a legend in the land of a great warrior princess.
A. Could it be me?
B. It has to be me!
C. Whoever it is, I'm going to protect them.
D. It's probably my best friend.

2. You are told by your grandfather that your parents were really the rightful heirs of a kingdom unknown to mortal man.
A. How do I know it's true? Can you show me? That's so sweet!!!! Oh my gosh!!!
B. Show me!!!!
C. Let's think about this for a moment. Are you saying that I'm the heir of a magical kingdom? Are you crazy?!
D. Surely it's not me. You want to try my friend down the street...? She's lots prettier.

3. You're being chased in a magical land through the wharf of a huge city. What ship would you take?

A. The sailboat.
B. The galleon.
C. The swiftest you can find.
D. The small rowboat, because it's the first that you see.

4. You just found out that when you were a child you were betrothed to the person that you've been traveling on this huge journey with.

A. That is DISGUSTING! I can't believe it! They're like my best friend!
B. Are you crazy?!
C. As long as he can fight, I guess it's OK...
D. Uhh...................... that's OK with me.

5. You're about to get crowned ruler of the entire land.
A. I can't believe it. This is better than I could've ever dreamed.
B. I knew that this would happen.
C. I hope I'll still be able to fight now and then.....
D. *bliss*

Mostly As, you're the person of prophecy!!

Grab your award!! :)
Mostly Bs, you're the person destined for greatness!!

Grab your award!! :)

Mostly Cs, you're the protector!!

Grab your award!! :)
And mostly Ds, you're the faithful companion!!

Grab your award!! :)
Great job!! Thanks for taking!!! :)

I'm all the way the person of prophecy. :)


  1. I'm the faithful friend. =D Is there a story? or anything like that?

    1. So awesome!! Nope. But I have three new stories going up on some of my blogs today. =D

  2. AWESOME! I'm a faithful companion:)

  3. I'm a tie between The Person of Prophecy and The Protector. :)

  4. Dear Storyteller,

    I'm "The Person of Prophesy" How strange is that
    I had to put myself in the place of one of my characters
    because otherwise if someone told me today I was the ruler
    of a magical kingdom I'd most likely whack him/her not
    to hard on the face but enough to knock some sense into them
    haha so you see I couldn't very well be quite myself ;P

    Your Friend
    Poem Girl =D

    1. I'm her, too!! :) How was your party thingy?? :)

  5. Dear Storyteller,

    Oh it was awesome! I went as
    Cathrine Weatherbane *wink* *wink*
    I just told everyone I was a Medieval
    Princess. We played the Toilet Paper costume
    game my team got animals so we did a very
    poorly done hare team 1 did Rapunzel Team 2
    did an Awesome Iron Man (they one) and team
    3 did Captain Hook.

    Your Friend
    Poem Girl

  6. I was ''destined for greatness''. And yes, I chose ''C'' at the last one. I'm a ''toughie''..... {said nobody EVAH!} ;)

    1. hahaha what was your "betrothed" one? ;D

    2. I think it was A or C. I already threw away the paper I was writing answers on...

  7. I'm the protector! I would much rather be the helper, so I still get some glory, but I'm not responsible. For number four, I picked ''That is DISGUSTING!'' I loved the way you wrote the answers!! It was soooo funny! Which one are you, Story??

    1. Well, the Protecter IS awesome. =D hahahaha I picked the disgusting one, too!!! Wouldn't that be??? Seriously!! :P Well, thanks!! :) I love writing quizzes and such, and I just love adding my own special touch. =D (you can imagine what I talk like..... ;D) I'm the Person Destined for Greatness--all the way!!! =D

  8. I'm Protector! How in the world can you create such GOOD quizzes? Awesome Storyteller!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Awesome!! :) I don't know, I just... make. haha =D


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