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OK, so I didn't think I could leave you guys just hanging from that story. However, I'm thinking maybe I should just really write it in depth more. But here's a little more for you:

I woke with a start, sweat dripping down my back. Whenever I closed my eyes, the image of the sky ship--the sky pirate's ship--floated in my brain. Five years ago...... Had it really been that long? It was only as if it had started yesterday. I could still see my friends' faces, the High Elder..... everybody. They were as clear as day, though the faces of my parents were far off. Had I even had parents? Or had they been guardians? I didn't even know.
     I slipped my feet over the side of the bed. My nightgown, one that I had made from the soft moss of the earthy forest floor woven together, billowed softly in the morning breeze that blew through my window, the shutters opened wide to the new day. I smiled to myself, even though my days after the pillaging of the pirates had left me with so much grief.
    I flew off my wooden bed with the woven cream sheets and rushed to my wardrobe. I'd made it myself in one of the many spare hours that I'd had, carefully cutting the pieces from the wood of the forest that surrounded me and carving into it little beauties of the earth--magical trees, colorful flowers, giggling fairies, shy wood brownies, anything that had ever captured my fancy. Mostly things that had captured my fancy five years ago, the fancies of nine year old Arawyn Summersprite. 
     I threw open the wooden doors and looked at my clothes--one set of clothes, actually. It took so long to weave things with the products of the forest and there wasn't anything to dress up for--or anybody to dress up for--that I hadn't even bothered. What I had made was nice enough--tunic and leggings made of deer's skin, a jerkin woven of spider's silk and moss (for sturdiness, you understand), boots made of the soft bark of the Leavenly Tree and the bootlaces from braided Maiden's Moss (it was called Maiden's Moss because of how easily you could braid it, just like a maiden braids her hair). More of the braided Maiden Moss worked for my belt, on which I hooked my old pouch that I had carried with me that fateful day.
     After I'd seen the departure of the sky ship, I had ran off into the forest. Staying by the village--in the open--made me feel too vulnerable. I wasn't sure how long I'd wandered, but finally I saw a tree that something in my head told me would be a perfect tree to make a house in. I'd quickly made myself a house, layers of small huts, ladders, platforms, and swinging bridges that could easily be hidden from an untrained eye.
     I quickly put on my clothes and braided my long, wavy brown hair into a braid that reached past my middle. I put my nightgown carefully in the wardrobe, closing the door lovingly and with care. I didn't want to have to make a new one anytime soon. They weren't the easiest things to make, after all.
     There was a chattering sound outside of my window and I smiled to myself. 
     "Bardy, aren't you coming?" 
     A squirrel of ginger color poked his head indignantly into my room. "I don't suppose you'd like to stop saying my name that way. As if I was your pet. Humph!"
     I smiled, slipping a sharp rock--what I called my dagger--into my belt. "Well, I don't suppose that you are my pet, are you? I still wonder why I feed you each and every day, and yet you're not my pet. Maybe you're my friend."
    "Precisely," agreed the squirrel. "By the way... speaking of food...."
     I laughed. "Oh, come on, you!"
     I pushed open my door and grabbed my rope, sliding down to a small platform. Bardy climbed off after me. I ran down the swinging bridge and reached the ladder leading down to what I called my kitchen. I grabbed it, but instead of climbing down I slid down. I quickly flew inside of the hut before Bardy did.
   "So," I started, "since I made it here first, I shall pick what we shall eat."
    Just then, I heard a sound that made me freeze. Bardy's eyes grew wide. And then he mouthed the terrible words that I was dreading.
     "Somebody's down there."

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