A "Pinspirational" Post

Hey Y'all ;)

I'm Emma.  A lot of y'all (okay, I'm from Texas...get used to it!!  Haha!) may know me from several different blogs...

Simply Inspired (used to be called 'The Ramblings of Emma')
AG Fun (my American Girl Doll Blog)
Bookworm (Probably not this blog...it's pretty new)
The Lives of Us
Six Faraway Friends

I don't know about you, but I absolutely love Pinterest.  I use it for several of my blog posts, including...
.....see what I mean?  I use it a lot.

Here is the link to my account: http://pinterest.com/emmakatewright/boards/

Have a nice day!  If you have an account, be sure to let me know -- I'll follow you. :)

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