the boards are wet beneath my feet as i giggle, hurrying towards the steps down to the water. i've been wanting to come here for what seems like forever. i'm excited beyond belief. i wade through the freezing water, shivering crazily. but i don't care. i love the water. i dive underneath, getting my hair wet and soaking. it lays on my back, thick and heavy. i laugh and plunge underneath again, kicking strongly. water. i love it. swimming. it's too much fun.

I haven't been swimming in what seems like forever!! Pool, pond, lake, whatever. It seems like forever. I think the last time I went swimming, it was in a freezing cold lake (literally freezing) in a National Park somewhere. Yeah, it was fun. :) We played this ball game and were fighting each other for it. Something along the lines of Monkey in the Middle with lots of people throwing it and splashing around...

Do you like swimming? Where's your favorite place to swim? Do you like swimming in a pool, ocean, pond, or lake the best? I probably... well... I don't really know what I like the best. :) What's your favorite water memory?

The Storyteller of Weston County, signing off...


  1. I like swimming in the clearest water... whether its at a beach or at a swimming pool. I just love clear water.

  2. That sounds like fun! :) I LOVE swimming! Especially in a pool or lake. Not the ocean because of the salt and the waves. Though, swimming in Hawaii was fun. And I love boogie boarding. So, I guess it depends. :)
    How are you? I feel like I haven't talked with you in a while...


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