her eyes watched the scene before her. ideas floated into her mind: ideas of shots, photographs, pictures. way to capture the light. ways to capture her friend's smile. ways to capture anything she wanted. her eyes searched the harbor. ways to catch the light filtering off the waves. she glanced at the post. a way to even make that look like something new, beautiful, even magical.

what is this? she wondered.

it's a photographer's mind, something inside of her replied.

she smiled.

I've been rather ignoring my "photographer's mind" for awhile, ever since I quite 4-H because of the stress. (no offense if you love 4-H, mine was just super stressful...) I had kind of associated those things together, you know? So I just rather avoided it. But, even though I haven't really noticed it, I've missed it.

When I decided to redo my design for this blog, I suddenly had the urge to take my own pictures. I grabbed the camera, slipped on some shoes, and headed outside. Suddenly ideas were popping into my head--what if I did it this way? What if I took a picture of that? What if I did that picture of the tree that way?

The ideas and thoughts and things were almost endless.

I started taking like crazy. Some I had to delete--they weren't that great--but others I've kept. And I have to admit it--I think they look pretty cool. I got the focus on one of them really well. I was pretty surprised. I've never really thought of myself as a photographer. But... I liked it. It was fun. And, maybe the most surprising of all... I want to do it again.

Are you a photographer? Have you ever had this happen to you? What kind of things to do like to photograph? What kind of pictures do you like to take? Do you like to take pictures better, or have pictures taken of you?

God bless...

The Storyteller of Weston County, signing off...


  1. Haha, yeah I've been in 4H for about 7 years and I have often considered quitting because of the stress... I know exactly what you mean with all the photography ideas swarming your head! I now have my drivers license, and while I'm driving everything turns into photos!

  2. Beautiful. :) You should totally take your own pictures and post them! I love taking pictures (as you can probably tell).

    Love, Jess :)

    1. Thanks!! :) haha well, I'm not sure I'm so good that I can get exactly what I want... in which case somebody's pinterest will yet again get raided... ;D


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