a pit in my stomach
sweaty hands
nervous flickering eyes
it's my turn now
i step forward
and hope i don't fall
i sit down
my eyes scan the paper
the notes fill my head
i remember
the hours i practiced
how i love this song
 that i'm going to do great
i smile
and close my eyes
then i flip them open
and i reach out
and i play
the notes
they fill the room
and then suddenly
i'm done
and everyone's clapping
and i smile

I love making music, though I admit that piano recitals scare me to pieces. My hands start wobbling like jelly and I can't keep them still to play. So, yeah, I always mess up. But still. I love to play. I love hearing my favorite songs coming out of a beautiful instrument that I adore the sound of. I love that. The best times are at home, when everybody else is rushing around, and not really paying attention, or maybe they're not even there, and I can just play to my heart's content.

Some of my favorite songs to play are "When She Loved Me" from Toy Story 2 (saddest song ever... I'm telling you...), "Colors of the Wind" from Pocahontas, and "A Whole New World" from Aladdin. (If you can't tell, I have a Disney Animation song book. Yeah..... anyway.......)

Do you play an instrument? What are some of your favorite songs to play? What are some of your favorite songs to hear? If you could play any instrument, what would it be? And why would you want to play that?

Have a great Sunday. God bless.


  1. Yeah, I play the violin and piano. Violin recitals are EXTREMELY scary, to tell you the truth. But what I like to play? Probably songs I can play by ear and just start playing them on either instrument. My violin teacher tells me not to... comes naturally.
    I like a lot of songs....maybe mostly Christian Contemporary. Though I probably shouldn't hear too much..'
    I'd like to the play the guitar...someday...

    1. I'd love to play the guitar, too... :)

  2. I play the piano too! And I love Disney songs--like Cruella De Vil!

    And oh my goodness, I know what you mean by hands shaking; even my legs tremble unless I keep my feet flat on the ground. But there is a certain satisfaction with getting outside of your comfort zone! :)


    1. Awesome!! haha :)

      I know, it's so awful! :/ But, yes, there is satisfaction. :)

  3. hi Storyteller. :) Could you please pray for my dad? And for me that I will be more patient with my younger siblings? :)
    Thank you so much!

  4. Those words of yours up there are just lovely! :)

    I'm learning guitar, but I'd LOVE to learn the violin (it's on my bucket list :))!



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