Cooking with a Capital C-O-O... wait a sec...

Oh, wow. If I ever have a kitchen that turns out that pretty, I think I'm going to start thinking that my friend came in and did it for me... =P

I'm not really the "cooking" type (cooking type: likes to cook all the time... always volunteers... makes most of the meals in their house because they're so amazing... loves trying new recipes...), or the baker type, for that matter, but I wouldn't exactly consider myself helpless in the kitchen. (I mean, I can make most anything... even spaghetti... wait, that's not that hard, is it?...)

I mean, some people really seem to love cooking, and that's OK, you know? I just... um... well, I'd rather have you make it for me. =D (As horrible as that sounds...) Nope, I'm definitely not the cooker type. But if you tell me to go and make some supper, hey, I'm going to go and try my best. (At least I've never mad mashed potatoes like soppy from the milk and hard from the potato before...)

But there is a part of me that likes making food things. I like to experiment with food. OK, whoa, that sounded a little wrong. (I know somebody who "experiments" with food sometimes, and it doesn't always taste, or look, the best...) What I meant is, I like to look at things in the fridge (or... pantry) and see things I like, and then my brain kind of connects them with something else that I see in there. It's kind of fun, really. And then you get to put it all together and... mmmm. It always tastes good.

(OK, except for that one time when it didn't taste so hot, and I kept on adding stuff to try and make it taste better, but instead it just kept on making it taste even worse until I'd eaten the whole thing and wished I'd just had a plain sandwich...)

But that was only one time. Give me a break. ;)

Do you like cooking? What's your favorite thing to cook? What's your least favorite? (Come on, I gotta ask... ;D)

The Storyteller of Weston County, signing off...

P.S. Sorry for the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang title. (wait a sec... you do know about that song, right? You know... "...with a capital P-O-S-H... POSH!")


  1. Great picture! :)

  2. I love that song!!!! That movie in general! ;)

    Yeah, I understand the cooking thing. I'm actually going to a culinary camp next week. But I'm going for my friend who wants to be a chef, not for myself. In fact, next week is going to be really weird. :D

    1. Same here!! :D

      Hope you have a great time!! :)

  3. You're really artsy and creative so it's no surprise that you like to play around with cooking on occasion. :) I don't like cooking/baking as much as I like to eat. Least favorite things to cook...hmm. Anything that takes HOURS and HOURS really makes me cringe inwardly and wonder if I can possibly get out of it.

  4. OH My WORD! I dislike cooking so bad. Yet I normally get out of it seeing that all my younger siblings love it ... only I do the dishes afterward (and clean up that monster messes)!! But It is still A LOT better than cooking.

    As for baking, well .... lets just say I leave out a lot and forget what order the things are supposed to go in and all that. LOL!

    HEHE! I kinda of thought of Citty Citty Bang Bang when I read the title.

    My brother loves that crazy movie and he sings that song when he is doing lessons. :D

    SIDE NOTE: Sorry if I like wrote a book of a comment up there but I get crazy and just keep finding things to write. LOL!

    1. haha =D I don't know which of the two I'd rather do... lol ;D

      Yeah, right? ;)

      haha at least you got it. ;D

      lol ;)

      That's OK!! I love getting your comments, Abilaine. :)

  5. Well, I actually don't cook much, I definitely prefer baking. The main thing I cook is macaroni and cheese (NOT from a box, completely homemade). However, I bake a ton! I think my favorite thing to bake is brownies (from scratch), they don't take as much work as cookies! As for what I don't like to bake, well...I don't usually bake things that I don't want to, but cinnamon rolls are pretty hard. :)

    1. Cool! :) I don't think I've ever made Macaroni and Cheese by hand... I'm impressed. ;)

  6. ohhh, I love to cook.

    Basically, i love anything that has to do with sauteed onions and lots of garlic. :) I love stir-frys and soups, and baking all kinds of delicious breads. Also anything involving chocolate or lemon is great too. :) Cute post, storyteller.

    1. That's awesome!! :) I really wish I did love it... ;) Thank you!! :)

  7. I love cooking! :) Just made some cakes and brownies (it's my friends 16th b-day on Sunday). :) And yes I know that song- my sisters and I sing it all the time. :)

  8. *hoping this is ok to ask* Are you going to be doing the Q&A post anytime soon, dear? Just over-curious, I suppose. •-•

    Well,,,,,,I'm off! (to East-Farthing Woods...right? Get it? Ehehh? No? Hmm. ok. really. bye!)

    1. Yeah, probably tomorrow or something. :) All of my posts from the last week were scheduled, and I was off the computer... ;)

      haha =D


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