that one question

her hand reaches forward, towards the card on the table, sitting by the vase. her breath catches a little in her throat as she sees her own name on the cover: Marie. shakily, she opens it up, reading the card. her breath catches. her heart flutters. her hand flies to her mouth. the simple question on the card makes her feel faint. she drops the card and takes off running. running, running, running. she had to catch him. before he left, on the train. running, running, running. her feet pounding against the cobbles. the train whistles in the distance. she pushes, faster and faster. she runs into the station, eyes going through all of the young men dressed in army uniforms, heading off for the war. her eyes search. can she find him?

and then there he is. she runs up. she's out of breath. concerned, he frowns. her face can only hold a smile. he waits. she gasps, panting. and then, finally, she gets the only word that was needed out.


he smiles. she smiles. she promises to write. he promises to write. then he boards the train. she waves. a smile's on her face.

back at the table, the card's lying out, beside the roses. there's just one question on the page. the most important question. the amazing question. the one that changed Marie's life.

"will you marry me?"

story based on the picture


  1. By the way the new design looks really nice! :)

  2. OH my goodness, that was so beautiful!! This should be a scene in a book or a movie...It's so wonderful =) Great job once again Storyteller! You never fail to amaze me with your writing talent.

    1. Aww, thanks:) lol it's probably a little too romantic for me. =D Eh, yeah, well, I suppose I could manage... ;) Thanks so much!! :)


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