God Has Done Amazing Things for Me

Hey, guys!! :)

So, I didn't tell you guys, but all of my posts from this last week were scheduled. (which makes sense why I haven't been commenting on your lovely blogs or answering your comments on this blog. And, by the way, thanks for all of your lovely comments, I had a blast answering them yesterday. :))

I was off the computer for the whole week, so I wasn't doing any designing or anything. What was I doing? Well, dear friends, I was fellowshiping, worshiping, and learning with fellow Christians. And, I'm just going to say, it was awesome. :) I got to see lots of my best friends that I barely ever get to see. It's so amazing because we're all Christians, so it's like we can talk about anything and it's not awkward. We can pray together, read the Bible together, and talk together endlessly. It's an amazing circle of friends that I have, and I love each and every one of them. And the best thing is, is that it's not just like two of us are great friends and then the other two friends are just friends with me or friends with my other friend. We're all great friends with each other. We all love spending time together, all love sitting together, walking places together... It's just such an amazing thing. We all love and care about the others. It's not just two of us and the rest are just half friends or something. We all matter, we all care. And the best thing? It's not like some kind of clique or something, where we never talk to anybody else and never invite anybody else in. We all make new friends and talk about them with the others. And it doesn't make any of us feel like outsiders. And we don't want to make anybody else feel like outsiders, either.

Well, yeah, that's what I've been doing. :) I also got to share my testimony about how God's been working in my life with my ACL being torn. It was so amazing. I thought I was going to puke because I was so scared, but I didn't. And it really is amazing, guys. God can work miracles. I can sprint now. I can run. I can jog. I can play volleyball. I can jump. I can be my crazy stuff and do "stupid" and "silly" stuff, and it doesn't hurt. I. Can. Be. Myself. And let me tell you, it's amazing.

God has done so much for me. He is the most amazing person to me. I love Him with all my heart, and I hope you do, too. I would be so sad if you died and I didn't get to see you later in heaven. Even though none of us have ever met, I still think I would know who you are when we met in heaven. Guys, I care about you. You are my friends. If you don't know Jesus, please talk to me. I can help you. If you don't talk to me, I encourage you to talk to somebody else--a Christian, a friend, a pastor, I don't care. But please, if you don't know Christ, please talk to somebody.

Thanks so much for listening. <3

The Storyteller of Weston County, signing off...


  1. I am extremely grateful to say that I truly know Jesus. He is my brother and my Saviour. My dear, resurrected Lord. <3

    And I am also proud to say that I know God is my loving Father in Heaven, who watches over me always and loves me far more than I can imagine.

    Storyteller, I really found this post to be spiritually uplifting and inspiring. So thank you so much for posting it. It's a message we all need to hear.

    I cannot wait for the day when we all will meet in heaven; and I deeply hope and pray that it will be everyone of us there.


  2. That's what I was up to, too. :) It was so refreshing! <3 Hope you really enjoyed it! *hugs*



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