Flooding and Fireflies (sounds like an Owl City song...)

Hey, guys!! :)

So.... I have some big news. You know how over here I said that it was raining? Well... um... last night our basement flooded. A lot. So we were up really late soaking it all up, because it kept on coming. Thankfully, this morning dawned bright, clear, and blue, and the water flow isn't really there anymore... but still. Please pray that nothing was damaged that we couldn't see and that we'll have an easy time mopping up the rest of it. =P

Anyway, are you excited for summer? Where I live, we don't have any fireflies, but I can remember them from when I was younger and we used to live somewhere else. I always thought they were the coolest things. I remember running at night in the front yard of a place I won't mention by its name, running through all of the little lights--those beautiful fireflies. They were kind of like fairies to me, I suppose. I kind of wish that we had fireflies here. Then I would take a jar and capture several, and write in my Thoughts Journal by the light of them. Sounds awesome, right? ;)

Do you have fireflies where you live? Do you like them? What's the most amazing part about them for you? Have you ever put some by a jar? How about then reading by them?

Later gator.

Over and out.


  1. I love fireflies too. <3

  2. I have fireflies where I live and I used to catch them and put them in a jar. I never thought about using them as a booklight, maybe I'll try it!:) They are so amazing because the lightening bugs should burn up because light is hot. In order for it not to burn up, its got to be made of heat resistant material.... they are extremely unique creatures:)

    1. I know, they're so amazing. :) Such a great example of God's incredible design!

  3. Fireflies are pretty cool. Yeah, they're fun to catch. (:

  4. Wow. That sounds amazing!I have never seen a fireflies. When I go to Washington DC I will see them though!

  5. yeah, we have lightning bugs. ;) I've never caught that many to actually put them all in a jar and be able to read by their light. Plus, my mom always makes me release them after 20-ish minutes. :p


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