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this photo inspires me. (note: this is NOT my photo, see end of post)

Do you ever see something that truly takes your breath away? Or the only word you can say is 'wow'? Or when you are looking at something, your mind feels like it is in another world? Those feelings, friends, are what life is truly all about. As for myself, when i feel this way i am inspired in so many ways. However, the question is, how can one be inspired?

1. find your happy place. i know, i know, this sounds like a cliche quote from Pinterest, but it is so true. find that one thing that makes you smile, and stay there for a while. whether that is with people you love, when you are alone, or when you are doing an activity that makes you feel on top of the world, figure out where your 'happy place' is. For me, i feel unstoppable when i am painting. So whatever, wherever your so called 'happy place' is, find it, and learn to cherish every moment in that place. Once you learn to love where you are, you will start to feel free, and with feeling free, your mind will learn to be inspired in every way.

2. go outside! I will be honest and say that i am not in any way an outdoorsy gal. But there is always something about being in fresh air and seeing a wide open sky, that makes me love life so much more. Some days i simply have to make myself go outside and just sit there and appreciate what God has given all of us. Nature may be the most inspiring thing to me. So i encourage you  (even if you would rather sit on your couch and watch Netflix, like me) to go outside, and see what there is to see. Because there really is so much more to the world than our minds can imagine.

3. put up your phone. There. I said it. Not going to lie, this truly took everything in me to write. Sadly, in this generation, we are glued to our phones (and computers, and televisions) almost 24/7. And if you are a teen like myself, then it is more... if that is even possible. However, i challenge you to turn off your phone (or if you have an IPhone, put it on 'Do not disturb'), and though it may seem boring the first few minutes, you will be led to do other things that can and will inspire you.

if you cannot already tell, i love lists. I could of written so many more points about how to feel inspired, but i narrowed it down to these three. Inspiration can be found ANYWHERE. It really can. Most people think that only certain artsy fartsy people can be inspired, but that is far from right. Anyone can be inspired, but sometimes we have to learn to see possible inspiration. So get out of your comfort zone, and go out to the extents of the world (or maybe just your backyard), and see what there is to see.

xo. Cate

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