"daddy?" she glances out the window of the car. "daddy?"

"he'll be here," her mother promises.

"daddy?" the girl whispers.

"just wait," her mother urges.

the little girl purses her lips. it's the only thing that'll keep her from crying. where's daddy? why isn't he back yet? mommy said he was going to come. mommy said that he would be here. but then where was he? her eyes searched the parking lot. where was daddy? where was he?

the little girl glances across the parking lot. through the rain, it was hard to see anything. but then she saw it: a dark figure, dressed in a coat with a hat and a black umbrella. her breath catches in her throat. mommy's busy, twiddling with her long, beautiful brown hair. the little girl's eyes are on the man, walking towards the car.

"daddy?" she whispers.

then there he was.

"daddy!" she yells.

she jumps out of the car, and is swept up in a hug.

"i'm here," he whispers. "i'm here."

"daddy," she whispers back. "daddy."

story inspired by the picture
{i just feel inspired writing like this}


  1. Oh the feels <3 I-I can't take this! Really, I'm going to *sniff* cry. It's so sweet!

    me: this sounds pretty cute!

    me: wait, what?

    me: where's her daddy?!

    me: *looks back at the picture* she looks so sad! •-•

    me: where's daddy??

    me: ?? :o

    me: YAYY!! DADDY!!! <3



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