"God has called me"

her fingers touch over the globe. the one that her mother owned, took with her around the world. the one that had been found with her when... when... when she'd been found. dead. in Africa. her eyes fill with tears, but she pushes them back. her dark hair falls almost to her middle. she pushes it over her shoulder, memories of her mother flooding back.

"why must you leave, mommy?" she whispers.

her mother had only smiled at her. "i must go, sweetheart. i must preach God's word to the ends of the earth. God has placed me in Africa. i must go."

tears filled her big eyes. "mommy, i love you. i'm going to miss you."

she had kneeled so that their eyes were locking. "i love you too, darling." she wrapped her into a hug.

remembering this now, she remembered everything her mother had ever stood for. everything she'd ever done. the amazing ways that she'd reached the tribal people of Africa. something happened in her heart. as her grandmother called from the porch, she turned and walked up to her.

"grandma," she said, "i'm going to South America."

her grandmother gave her a look. "what?"

"God has called me to South America," she repeated.

her grandmother smiled and pulled her into a hug. "i'm glad that you're listening to God."

she smiled. "i am, too."

story inspired by the picture


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