A Story of Coughs (wha...?)

i'm done. the excitement of the thought races through me. i glance down at my pages [cough cough computer screen cough cough] and can't believe that it's finally finished. i turn to the front page [cough cough scroll up to the top of the word doc cough cough] and think to myself, "it's ready." and it is. and it's perfect. all that i could've ever hoped for.

It's fun finishing books, isn't it? :) It's got it's own special kind of charm. ;) But there's something that every young author dreams about--not only finishing their novel, having it done, feeling that satisfaction, but sharing it with others. It's fun to share stories with you guys. You always seem to excited. It makes me excited, makes me smile. But what if you want to reach more people?

Well then you just should... ;)

(cough cough publish your book cough cough)

Yeah, yeah, everybody says it, everybody stalls, everybody's scared of sending their story in and getting it rejected. (cough cough me included cough cough) But I've finally taken a big step forward. A.k.a. people, I have started my first query letter.

Whoa, pause.

What on earth's a query letter?!

(don't worry,  I didn't know what one was until a few weeks ago =P)

OK, I'll be simple--it's that letter that you send to the publisher saying "I'm so and so and you should publish this book because it's amazing". Pretty much. ;) There's lots of ways to write a query letter (like everybody and their brother has a different way), but the way I'm doing it is the way that the publishers that I picked out told me to do. It's kind of confusing, and needs lots of polishing. (no joke...)

And what's this story?

Um... cough cough...

Well, you know how I said I was getting Rubberboot Girl published in that magazine? Well, it hasn't come out yet, so I was like, "Whatev! I'm going to get it published!" So hopefully Rubberboot Girl will be here. In front of me. In book form. In... um... how long does it take to get a book published? (or accepted, for that matter...?) Just to say, I haven't sent in my query letter yet (*polishing*^), but I'm hoping that somewhere, somehow, for God's glory, I'll get it published.

(by the way... I'm sending it into a Christian publisher's, so... yeah... hopefully they like it. :))

I'm just going to say, I think the hardest part of the query letter was coming up with the synopsis.

Take that back. The table of contents was the hardest.

Mostly because I hadn't made one yet, so I had to go back through the whole thing, name all of the chapters (starting to feel bad for me yet? lol), and write them down. PHEW! It took forever. But it was worth it to see a table of contents of Rubberboot Girl staring back at me. :)

What steps have you taken towards writing a book of yours? Have you? What kind of books do you like reading? And (nervous cough cough...) do you think it will get published?

The Storyteller of Weston County, signing off...


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! That's awesome!!!

  2. Exciting! Can't wait to have my book edited and done... but oh well, the longer I wait, the better the excitement at the end. :)

  3. oooooh! congrats! I hope to try to send out a query letter for my book once it's written, but I've never even tried writing a query letter, so... yeah. Bit scary. Though I might give self publishing a try... idk. bunch of decisions to make, but maybe I should write the book first. :P Anyway, I hope you get to see your book in print someday, that sounds super exciting! :)

    1. Thanks so much, Hannah!! :) I'm sure that you'll get it done, and it'll be awesome. ;) Hang in there!! :)

  4. That is so awesome that you're trying to publish something!! I'll be praying for you. :)

  5. OH MY WORD! This is amazing!

    I have NEVER finished a book but am trying to. I'm scared I guess ... scared of everyone thinking it is rubbish ... scared of being laughed at. But I am so inspired that you are taking the giant leap of faith!!! :D

    I love reading books that are like the main character is telling the story. The "I" books I think you called them once. And YEAH, I think you will get published. You have so much talent!!

    Bunches of hugs and "You go girls" heading your way over the internet.

    1. Thanks, Abilaine!! :)

      I would never laugh at you. :) I so hope that you get to!! :)

      I like those kind of books, too. :) Aww, thanks:)

      Thanks so much!! :) Right back at you, "girl". ;D

  6. OH I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!! I hope you get it published!!! If you do I know I'll be one of your first buyers =) In fact I am in the middle of writing a book and I am aiming to get it published =) At least I hope I will...


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