The Sea

the grains push against my bare feet. the wind blows off the sea and rustles my long hair. my dress brushes along the ground behind me. my eyes stare up at the sky, my hands slowly raising up. and i smile. smile because i'm here. smile because i made to the ocean. smile because i'm alive, and God is so amazing. i smile.

I don't remember much of the sea. I remember walking by the shore, scared that if I touched the ocean, a shark would come and eat my legs off. I remember staring into the waves, watching people being swept off, riding on inter-tubes and just swimming. I remember seeing things and creatures on the beach. I remember the grains of sand in my shoes.

But I don't remember what it's really like.

We have shells from the beach. Lots of shells. You can take a shell, hold it up to your ear, and you can hear the murmur of the sea. That has always fascinated me. I've always gone through the shells. My favorites were the white ones with the pink. Or just the pink. Mostly because that used to be my favorite color.

I rather wish I could go back to the ocean. I hope by then that I have a laptop. I would love to sit by the sea, hear the waves crashing on the shore, and imagine something that flows through my fingers and onto the page. I could close my eyes and imagine that I was right in my book. I can just imagine it. It would be awesome.

Have you ever been to the sea? To the ocean? By sand? What was it like? What was your experience? What was your favorite part? Did you collect shells? What was it like to hear the waves crashing against the shore? I can always imagine it, but it's not quite the same.

waves crashing against the shore
just wishing; wishing for more
hand on a shell, whispers in my ears
feeling courage taking care of my fears


  1. Yeas, I've been to the beach when I was little. But...I still remember it pretty good. I just love it sooo much..wish I could be there now..

  2. I went to the beach a lot actually. We have stopped going though. The best time I had was going and body surfing! Body surfing is when you go out to the ocean. WAY OUT. You wait there. Wait for a wave. Once a wave comes, you fall. Let your body fall into the waves. Not just free falling, but slowly collapsing. The wave takes you back to the sand! I did that for hours. Just....thinking how God is so amazing! I love the beach :)

  3. I love the ocean! We go to the Oregon coast every year with our friends. I love the roar of the ocean, long walks on the beach, looking for shells, just everything about it! Great post. :)

  4. Hey Storyteller,
    I was wondering if you got my chapter to our story I sent it awhile ago but you never posted the next part just in case here it is.


    I stared at Rowan in confusion and then at Caleb, why was he so mesmerized it was just a little girl and why was Rowan acting all weird and calling her a boy? I was beginning to distrust my own mind…I mean clearly Rowan knew more about this sort of thing than me and since all of us appeared to be seeing different things it made more sense just to believe her.

    “Ca-Caleb…maybe we should step back.” I grabbed his sleeve and tried to pull him back with me but he resisted his blue eyes were strangely glazed over and he was constantly paying the little girl compliments…even if he was seeing something akin to an angel…THIS WASN’T MY BROTHER!
    Slowly the haze in his eyes cleared leaving them a forest green, he started and fell backwards.

    “What?!” He jumped back up. “Who are you creature.” He demanded in most unlike Caleb words.

    “HE’S A CHANGER!!!” Rowan yelled. “Are you deft?!”

    “Caleb…your eyes…” I stammered.

    He turned to me. “What about them?”

    “Caleb, They’re Green!”

    “Nonsense...” But I could tell he was unsettled too.

    “Don’t ignore me!” The little girl yelled furiously flying forward all reserve falling like a blanket revealing something that barely resembled an impish human boy.

    “What is this thing?!” I shrieked retreating.

    “FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME IT’S A CHANGER!” Rowan shouted renting her anger out with a mighty lunge at the changer who screeched and flipped over her making its way toward me with frightening speed. “CALEB, DO SOMETHING!”
    She screamed. He shook himself and grabbed a nearby branch and wielding it like a sword he swiped at it. “Not like that!” Rowan yelled frustrated running towards us but the imp boy…changer thing…whatever seemed not to notice, his eyes flashed and he thrust his pointy elbow into Caleb’s back Caleb screamed and momentarily lost his concentration just enough time for the changer to make his way over to me and as all seemed lost a large group of pointy eared people streamed from the forest; bows and swords out they pressed forward.

    It was of course a band of elves.

    1. Oh, um, I don't think I got this... thanks!! :)

  5. "feeling courage taking care of my fears" that's perfect. I'm gonna remember that.


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