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“S…sorry,” I stuttered in an attempt to compose myself. I picked myself up and offered a hand. “I…was just caught a little by surprise being the whole atmosphere of this place. I’m Pernisia Inkwell.”

She took my hand staring strangely at me 

“Um… are you okay?” 

The girl seemed a bit taken back. “Excuse me. It is not often I meet another Human out here.”

I laughed uncomfortably. “And where exactly is 'out here'?”

I glanced around nervously and began dusting dirt off my strange clothing which appeared to be a deep purple tunic with tan leggings and brown boots. 

“Why, you’re in the forest of Athranem!”


Her eyes grew wide. “How could you come here without know this place?”

“I…I just stepped through a door.” My face grew warm realizing how crazy that sounded. “I don’t believe you told me your name?” 

Maybe that would distract her from what I’d just said.

But before the girl had a chance to say anything…

A twig snapped behind me and a strange feeling stirred deep within. I turned round and pulled the bow with strange carvings on it off from around my shoulder, fitted an arrow and pointed it at the figure behind. It was a huge yellow eyed wolf. I bit my lip, closed my eyes, and let go. The arrow left the bow with a loud *twang* and planted itself firmly in the middle of its head. It toppled over. I could breathe again. 

“What just happened?!” 


The girl hadn't woken up yet. She was dressed in the strangest clothes that I'd ever seen. But somehow I knew their names. Jeans. T-shirt. I shook my head, wondering how I could know such things. It was so strange. I prodded her carefully with a stick, but she didn't stir.

I took the time to look at her. She was really pretty. I carefully pulled one of her eyelids open and saw that she had the most unusual color eyes--violet, I'd have to say. How peculiar. Where could she be from?

And then, all of a sudden, she flew up, her hair flying, her eyes wide. I flew backwards. In fluid moment I was five feet away from her, in a crouched position, a dagger in my hand to protect myself if she tried anything.

"What just happened?!" she shrieked.

Then she collapsed again.

 I came forward carefully, ready to hit her if she attacked. Then she slowly sat back up again.

"Where's the bow?" she whispered. Her head swept towards me. "And who're YOU?"

I glared. "That's none of your business."

At just that moment, a wolf howled.

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First chapter by Poem Girl--Pernesia. Second chapter by me, Storyteller--Rowan. :)


  1. Dear Storyteller,
    Okay so before I write the next part I'm gonna need to know what just happened. Where did the jeans and T-shirt come from? did the Pernisia part come after the Rowan part? and I think that's all.
    Your Friend
    Poem Girl

    1. OK, so, I'm sorry--I admit it. I put your part in kind of a dream. =P Because then there's kind of like this thing that Persnisia feels like she needs to fulfill. She needs to find the bow. And who's the wolf? Well, the wolf can actually be this bad guy who's ruling the land. Pernisia saw a prophecy that had been about the land. In the end she can kill him. Sound good? :)

    2. Dear Storyteller,
      Ooh that explains it. Next time we write something together though give me a plot-line to follow so you don't have to make my parts dreams :)
      Your Friend
      Poem Girl

  2. Hi! :) Thanks for putting my button at the top! I'd be lost without you too. You're so sweet! :D

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  4. I've always wondered this, but do you have any siblings?

    Thanks, A :)

  5. Love the story!!! I put your button on my blog!!!



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