Book review!!! =)

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lol OK, so book reviews aren't winning, but I just have this AWESOME book I want to do a review on. OK? OK.

Name: Caught
Series: The Missing, 5th book
Author: Margaret Peterson Haddix
Category: fiction, time travel, adoption, historical, middle school, Albert Einstien
Good things: pull-you-in plot; familiar, well developed characters; an amazing twist at the end that you would've never expected; overall great book!! :)
Bad things: of course there's still a minor bit of boy/girl, but not as much as in the other books, because in this book the main characters aren't with their "lovies". =P
Summary: Jonah and his sister Katherine are in school when time stops. They get swept back into time and have to investigate weird things that are happening surrounding Albert Einstien's secret daughter.
My thoughts: I pretty much LOVED this book!! The author makes it interesting to read. A real engager. You probably won't want to put it down, because otherwise you'll be biting your nails all day worrying about what's going to happen. Definitely my favorite out of the series so far, especially since the little kids' (I'm calling them "little kids" because they're only thirteen and twelve and already wrapped up in love stuff) "interests" weren't time traveling with them. I'm one of those people that if something interesting hasn't happened in the first chapter, or if you don't even like the characters, then I won't read the book. I. DEFINITELY. READ. THIS. BOOK.
My rating: I'd say overall that I'd have to give this book a...
A must read!! :)


  1. I love that series and I love the author:-) I have read like almost all her books

    1. I know!! Did you read this book?? I believe that it's really new..... ;)

  2. Storyteller,

    Do you think you will ever tell us your real name, age, or what you look like? ;)

    ~ Anonymous

    P.S. I love those books too!

    1. lol maybe ;D Probably I'll tell you what my name is when I get my first book published. I'll be leaving a link to wherever it's being sold from, so you'll probably already know.... =P



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