Part One--A Story by Storyteller and Poem Girl


Pernisia Inkwell was what one would consider a perfectly normal girl to whom strange things never happened but there you would be wrong. For a string of events were soon to have her tumbling in the strangest places she’d ever seen 

I slammed the door as I entered the house and rushed up to my room.
“I can’t do this I really can’t.” I plopped down on my bed and sobbed into the pillow.


I threw the pillow at the door.

“Nisia I know you’re upset. We all are but, your father had to take this transfer.” 

“But I don’t want to go!” I cried. 

“Pernisia Ann Inkwell you’re being a child!” 

“No, no you don’t understand!” 

“Fine you can stay up here until you change your attitude,” she sighed. “I hope you feel better about this soon. I love you, honey.” 

I ignored her; rolled over and closed my eyes until I heard my mothers footsteps fade away. A moment later something attracted my gaze to the door. A faint light illuminated from the deep in the wood, and I stared at it so hard my eyes hurt. I got up and slowly stepped towards it. I hesitated before opening the door and gasped when I did for what I saw wasn’t the carpeted hallway at all not even close! 

In front of me was the greenest grass I’d ever seen, and a long glittering stream flowed peacefully in distance; the tree’s all glowed green as well, but they didn’t look like any trees I’d ever seen before. The sky wasn’t blue as it was outside my window it was a mixed shade of purple, blue and pink, like an everlasting sunset is this real! I wondered aloud, and then suddenly I lost all reserve and stepped right through; the door closed behind me with a loud *thud* I turned around; the door was gone I couldn’t leave.

(Chapter by Poem Girl)


I stealthily stalked the deer in front of me. I reached for my dagger that was thrust in belt, readying to throw it towards the unsuspecting creature.

Before the deer what on earth was going on, I flipped out of my hiding space and thrust the dagger deep into its body. It fell, before it hit the ground I caught and laid it down gently. Who knew who would come at the sound of a deer thumping on the ground. I did not want to find enemies in the place that I had only lived in for about a year. So far, I had not met many human beings. And if I had, they were mostly long gone. Either they had been scared off, or I had been forced to protect myself and had probably killed them.

I was glad that I had found that piece of leather awhile back, so that my loosely curled light red hair with the gold streaks wouldn't get into my multi-colored eyes. With my lightly tanned hand I quickly got the deer ready to be packaged away.

I did not have a home in this place, but roamed freely so as not to be held down by anything,  whether by a shelter of my creation or perhaps a pet that I might have found if I had stayed in one place more than just a night.

I just finished getting the most meat that I could get off the deer, leaving the rest for the wild animals to feast on, when there was a scream and something heavy landed on top of me...

(Chapter by me, Storyteller)

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  1. Interesting... hope to see more soon!

  2. Dear Storyteller,
    Okay so I did the page what am I supposed to do now?
    Your Friend
    Poem Girl

    1. Write on it that it doesn't include email. Add that you'll put a link to the blog of the person that you're doing. Make a nice little award or something that people can pull off and put on their blog. And then make some questions for them to answer in the comments!! :)

  3. Dear Storyteller,
    Nevermind I figured it out you can take the interview now.
    Your Friend

  4. Very cool! Rowan = awesome name. Rowan is a girl, right? :)


    P.S. If you ever want to, I'd love to create a story with 'ya. :)

    1. Yes, Rowan is DEFINITELY a girl. I know!! I love the name Rowan!! :)

      I would LOVE to write a story with you, Madeline!! :) How Poem Girl and I have been doing it is that one of us writes a chapter in a comment and then sends it in, and the other copies and pastes it onto a post and writes their chapter. I'd be happy to do the comments on your blog, if you want, or we can do it on mine. :)

    2. Another strong female character, I hope. ;)

      Yay! I really don't care either which way we do it. Who should start the story?

    3. P.S. I'd like to post it on my Red Leather Boots blog, because that one is all sad and bare. :( :)

    4. You can bet that Rowan's a strong character!! =D I don't know what I'd do if she wasn't... =P

      OK, sounds good!! :) If you can, please post on Red Leather Boots about your character, and then I'll reply in a comment about mine. Sound good? :)

    5. Okay. I'll do that either on Friday or Saturday. :D

  5. Hey Storyteller
    I am following your blog!
    I like the story...=D

    1. Hey, Maya!!!
      lolololol PB you goober!!!!! =D
      Thanks!! :)

  6. I've tagged you at my blog!

    1. Thanks so much, Jessa Bri!!!!! :) I'll go and check it out!!! ;D

  7. Another great story! :D Can't wait for more!


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