The Name's Jess...

Well, hello there people! My name is Jess from Six Faraway Friends and I'm very excited to be guest posting on Storyteller's awesome blog. ;)

I am a teenaged, Christian girl living in California. I like to read, write, swim, sing, blog, hang out with friends, climb trees, and lots more! :)

Now, what should I post about...? Ah, here is something I'm sure you'll enjoy:

A story by yours truly~

The horse was one of a kind; there was no denying it. My caramel hair matched his beautiful, copper skin that glowed in the bright, morning sunlight. The soft, autumn breeze rippled through his blond mane and tail, and his deep brown eyes blinked at me. With his head resting just above the fence, it was picture perfect. Everything in me exclaimed, “I. Want. That. Horse.”
I started walking towards him, slowly. His gaze shifted and his eyes met mine. I strayed closer and closer, yearning to just reach out, grab him, and take him home. No, ride him home.
He did not seem alarmed at all when I reached the fence and gradually stuck out my hand, inching closer and closer. He did not move away when my hand met his neck. I casually let my hand move up and down, making my way towards his forehead. He nickered with delight and blew into my hand. I grinned, and was just about to climb over to him, when Violet called me back.
“Ruby! What are you doing?”
Startled, the horse stepped back, his ears forward. I turned around, glaring at my sister.
“Violet! Why’d you have to do that?”
Violet walked towards me, a frown on her freckled face.
“Ruby, that horse is not ours! You can’t just walk up to one, pet it, and expect it to like you or let you ride it.” She sighed and rolled her eyes. “Why do you have to like horses so much? We’re going to be late for school!”
She started walking down Blueberry Road without a backward glance.
“Violet!” I called after her, frustrated. Why did she have to ruin everything? But seeing that she was right, I took once last look at the horse, and went on my way thinking, Someday I’ll have a horse of my own. And when I do, there won’t be anyone to stop me from doing what I love...

What do you think of it so far? :)

And here is an overload of awesome pictures!

Bye for now!

~ Jess


  1. Hey Jess,
    I really like it you did a great job!
    Your Friend

  2. Wow Jessica... this is amazing!! You're a wonderful writer!! :)



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