I suppose I'm afraid...

I'm afraid of a lot of things. Like what will the next day bring? Will I be wishing that that day had never happened? Or what will I do when I finish Wyn? Will I just stop her story and forget about her? Or what if I get in an argument with somebody and the next thing I know they're dead? What will I do? Who will I turn to? Do I even have any options left of living in this world? What's going to happen to me? These are all interesting questions. I suppose you all won't kill me if I never write another Wyn story after I'm done with it. I know that I'll live through the days, no matter what. I know I can always turn to God for whatever's happening in my life. I know that He's always there to help me around the next turn. Sometime's there's just those times when you just wish you could sink into the ground. But God's always there to pull you back up to your feet.

when i am in trouble, God will help me.
when i am in need He is always there.
when i am happy he is by my side.
even when i'm passing through life without a care.
and He's there for you, too.


be nice ∞ be kind ∞ be a hero

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