Wyn's Story--The Dream

The war was wearing me down. Other than having Ellen bawling her eyes out every second of the day, Mother was rushing me around to get things ready to send off after the knights.

"Some of them might not have families to send them stuff," she pointed out.

"If they didn't have families," I sighed, "then how did they get the royal birth so that they could become knights?!"

But Mother wouldn't listen to me.

As the days went past, winter overtook England. I kept on having this one dream, over and over--it was of these horses, flying through the snow. And the scary part?

They were riderless.

I woke up, sweating furiously. I blinked again, but the riderless horses stayed before my eyes.

What did it mean? Did it mean that we weren't going to win the war?

Or that Lochinvar was going to die?

As much as I hated the dude, I just couldn't go and wish the guy to go and die.

And I had to tell somebody.


I threw off the covers and started through the castle, but not before throwing on some old clothes that I knew nobody would be missing anytime soon.

I finally made it out to the stable. I could barely see Walt sleeping in the corner in some old rags.

"Walt!" I hissed.

Walt sprung up, grabbing my wrists and putting his hand over his mouth. When he spoke, I realized with horror that this definitely was NOT Walt.

"Don't move if you want to live," hissed the deep voice.

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