A Poem

the light's so close.
yet it's so far away.
i've never turned back.
never turned to that day.
but now i wonder
what would've happened
if i'd stayed,
a helping hand lend.
but now i can't think about it
'cause it's all been done.
now there's all darkness,
hiding the bright sun.
i'll be searching for it,
at least i promised myself then,
but now i'm just one of many,
lost in the world of men.
but a hand's reaching out,
pulling me to my feet,
i'm above all the others now,
i'm feeling rather elite.
and now i stare into His face
and i know the blessed knowing,
everything is quiet now,
far from sheep of lowing.
i see Him now, His facing shining bright,
He's the giver of the Light,
He's the master of all the world,
He's the one who sees me hiding, curled.
"come now, daughter," He begs me,
"I'm Jesus--i'm the key."
i know it's true in my heart,
and now from Him i'll never be apart.

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