Some awards ;D

I got tagged by Poem Girl and awarded by Piper!!! Wow, I feel blessed. :)

So, you have to list eleven things about yourself and then answer the other person's questions and then set your own questions. :)
Poem Girl's questions:

1. Sweaters or Ponchos? 

I'd have to say sweaters, since I don't have any ponchos except for a movie that I'm doing with my friends. ;D

2. Pink or Yellow?


3. Dogs or Cats?

I'd have to say cats, since I like own my own cat. ;D

4. Do you prefer Language/English or Math/Algebra?

Umm........................ I don't know. :P

5. Gmail or Yahoo?

Gmail!!! :)

6. Do you sometimes sift through your childhood pictures or not?

Sometimes.... ;)

7. Have you ever had Curry?

Yup!!! Like Uganda curry or something..... it was really good....... :)

8. Do you spend more time indoors or outdoors?

Definitely indoors. Unless I had a laptop. Then I'd want to be outdoors more to grab inspiration from God's natural wonders.

9. which is more tolerable weather for you very cold or super warm?

Very cold. When it's very hot all I want to do is like sit.

10. Do you wear short sleeves in winter?

Under a sweatshirt? Then yes. =D

11. Favorite Flower.

Hmm...... I'm not sure. I like all flowers!!!!! :)

My questions:

1) Laptop or computer?
2) Kindle or IPad? (and if you don't have one, which would you rather have?)
3) Hair in your toothbrush or dental floss stuck on your sock?
4) Stepping in lemonade in socks or sitting in ketchup splattered all over a seat?
5) Car or airplane?
6) Walking or swimming?
7) Running or riding a bike?
8) Sunshine or rain?
9) MP3 player or IPod? 
10) Gold by Britt Nicole or Hold Me by Jamie Grace? (if you don't know them, look them up on YouTube)
11) Lion King or Lion King 2?

What is your favorite holiday movie?
Favorite holiday movie? For what holiday? uhh.............. hmm.............. trying to think...... sorry, I really did try. I'm stumped. I don't know.

What is your favorite flower?
I don't really know. :P

What is your favorite liquid? (lol)
Hmm.... I love water and milk. :)

What is your passion?
God/Jesus. Writing. Reading. Drawing. Playing piano. Singing. Designing. Yup.

What is your favorite time of the year?
Fall and winter. :)

What is your favorite time of the day?

What is your favorite physical activity?
Riding bike.

What is your favorite vacation?
That I've had? Or that I COULD have? That I've had? Probably my last vacation that I took to a really awesome place that I won't name. :)

Thanks, guys!! :)


  1. I posted the results for my story contest....=D

  2. Dear Storyteller,
    Thanks for answering the questions.
    I have a cat too!
    And I've had curry India style cause my brother was a missionary there.
    I'm an indoor girl too myself but on beautiful perfect days I like outdoors ;) oh and I do have a lap top but since it's mostly my dads I don't dare to take it outside that and it wouldn't be long before it needed to be charged again.
    Your Friend
    Poem Girl


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