AS--the roar!!

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I heard a twig snap behind me and felt my heart beating wildly. I calmed myself and climbed a nearby tree, watching the area carefully. It was only when I felt the cold fingers touch my neck did I whirl around....

....and saw Damien, just before he clamped his hand over my mouth. I glared fiercely at him. If we hadn't been in the tree, I would've gone and stomped his foot. But as we were sharing a thin branch, I didn't think that was such a good idea at the moment. But when Damien hadn't moved his hand after like three minutes, I finally reached up and pulled it off. Damien grasped a branch above to make sure he didn't fall off. He was probably worried that I was going to go ahead and punch him. Believe me, it wasn't far off my list of ideas.

"What was that for?"  I mouthed.

"Just don't make any noise," he mouthed back, eyes searching the ground below. He glanced back up at me and continued to mouth. "There's something down there."

My hand strayed to my bow and I notched an arrow. I felt Damien whack my arm and I turned to glare at him. But he was just shaking his head. After much mouthing and hand wapping, I finally put the arrow back, but kept my hand firmly on my bow. He definitely couldn't make me put down THAT.

We didn't move for the longest time.

And that's when I heard the roar.

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