I'm needing...

...some guest posters!!

Yes, I'm going to start being unavailable to on tomorrow. =P But I'd still like something interesting on here!! =D

If you wanted to be an author, you'd have to put your email in a comment with this post. I would invite you just as an author, not an admin, and then delete the comment. Don't worry, I will be the only one who sees your email. =D And I promise--PROMISE--that I won't "use" it or anything like that, and you won't start receiving scam stuff from me. =P

Some post ideas if you'd like to but have no idea what to post--stories of your own (or make them up on the spot); quizzes; randomness about your life; jokes; just random. =D Or you could do reviews on movies and books. Sound good??

Please get back to me before the end of today!!

Sorry this is such short notice. =P

Also, after I "author" you, lol, I'll take off comment moderation so that you can answer comments that happen on your posts. :)

Please talk to me about this!!!!!

If you would do it, you would get this following award:

Remember--talk to me before today ends!! :)

P.S. If you think one of your friends might want to do it, please share this post on Google.

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