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Quiz: What Famous City Do You Belong In?

1. It's time to pick a theme for your upcoming birthday party! You choose:
a. A pizza party with all the toppings...and permission to make a mess!
b. A karate party! There'll be a punching bag, a pinata, and black belts for everyone!
c. A fashion show with a runway in the middle of your living room!
d. A low-key beach bash where friends can relax and play games!

2. It's time for a field trip at school...hooray! You hope that your class:
a. Visits some type of historical site to learn how people lived many years ago.
b. Does a biking tour so you can always be moving and exploring new things.
c. Heads to an art museum. You love looking at all the different pieces.
d. Goes on some type of boat tour. You can't get enough of the salty, fishing sea air!

3. Your soccer team is having a bake sale to raise money for new uniforms, and you choose to bring:
a. Cannoli - you just love those cream-filled pastries!
b. Egg custard tarts. You're all about creamy, crusty desserts!
c. Crepes filled with chocolate and covered with powdered sugar.
d. Pavlova...a meringue cake with a soft crust and marshmallow-y center!

4. If one of your best friends described you, she'd say you are:
a. Smart and inquisitive.
b. Outgoing and high-engergy.
c. Creative and passionate.
d. Laid-back and easygoing.

5. You know what your act will be at the school talent show! You're:
a. Playing some type of classical instrument.
b. Doing an elaborate gymnastics routine.
c. Performing a slow ballet in a gorgeous tutu.
d. Teaching everyone how to catch a wave with a surfing demo!

Answers ~

Mostly A's: At Home in Rome!

Mostly B's: You Belong in Beijing!

Mostly C's: Primed for Paris!

Mostly D's: Meant to Be in Sydney!

Love, Jessica :)


  1. I'm Primed for Paris :D
    Anyone know when Storyteller gets
    Your Friend
    Poem Girl


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