November, The Avengers, and a puppet named Hydro Jen

November.... how the time passes by. Is it already November?! Please somebody tell me I'm not going crazy....

Yesterday night I got to go to an awesome Harvest Party!! :)

It was lots of fun. We talked about God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit using Science. I got to act a puppet named Hyrdo Jen. Haha, get it? Like hydrogen? (I just thought I might say what it actually is, because somebody I talked to didn't quite get it...) Anyway, so that was lots of fun, because I love puppets!!!!! :) Of course Jen just LOVEDDDDDD water. =D

(I wonder why...?)

I HAD been going to dress up as some kind of Celtic or Scottish person, but then I had to go as a scientist because me and the rest of the "scientists" wanted to be in matching outfits. :)

For fun we stopped by a friends of ours and ran up to their door, yelled trick or treat, and then ran back to the car and drove back home. =D Ah, good times. :)

Have you guys ever watched the movie The Avengers? I got to watch it for the first time a few nights ago!!! :) If you haven't watched it, the Avengers are a group of superheroes who get to fight aliens. Lucky them. :P

Anyway, so there's Captain America (favorite!!); Black Widow (she's OK); Hawkeye (a dude running around a bow); Hulk (I didn't quite get some of his actions. Like he went on this rampage, and then later he could control his anger. Like what...???); Iron Man (what a jerk!!); Thor (UGLIEST. MAN. ALIVE.); and of course Nick Fury, though he didn't really seem to be doing anything that really helped the team.... I mean really..... come on..... The brown-haired captain lady was wayyyyy awesomer than him. :P
Anyway, so all in all, I was kind of like "well, if Captain America had been in it more, and Peggy had come back from 1940, it would've been a LOT awesomer". All in all, I liked the movie "Captain America" better than the Avengers.

One of my favorite parts was when Iron Man and Thor were having this fight and Captain America is stopping them, and then Thor, being all pompous and ugly as he always is, is like "stay out of the way!" and Captain America doesn't move. And then Thor got this look on his face like he was totally going to smash Captain America's brains and starts to swing his hammer on top of Captain America. Evidently, the ugly dude hadn't ever heard of the awesome Captain's awesome shield, and when his hammer hit it he flew backwards. SO HILARIOUS. We almost died laughing. ;D

Bye!!!!!! :)
P.S. Sorry I was off all yesterday. :P And sorry Brittney that I couldn't enter!!! :( :(


  1. Dear Storyteller,
    Oh I love that movie my favorite part was just before that when Captain America asks Thor to put his hammer down and Stark goes "I wouldn't do that if I were you he loves his hammer" and thor turns round and launches him into the air second favorite was when Iron man appears asking "Doth thy mother know you weareth her drapes" I always did think looked really gross and girly. Oh cool Captain America is my favorite character too and I loved his movie before that he's awesome!
    Your Friend
    Poem Girl

    1. hahaha I remember that!! =D Even though Iron Man was a jerk, he was still pretty funny.... unfortunately... I haven't watched any of the Iron Man movies, so I had to get filled in that he's really smart. :P I kept on going on like, "how on earth did he even get to be a superhero?!" and on and on. ;D It was pretty funny. :)

  2. Dear Storyteller,
    I forgot to mention that yesterday we got to go visit my brother and his wife we had a great time! first we watched him play this really awesome game with beautiful realistic graphics then we ate lots of candy after that we watched some awesome video's called kid snippets (they're kids telling stories but the adults are acting it out and mouthing with the kids voices it's hilarious) here's one of them

    Finally we watched a bit of a movie and then we went home it was a pretty awesome time!
    Your Friend
    Poem Girl

    1. Awesome!! I'm so glad that you had a great time. :)

  3. Dear Storyteller,
    I forgot to tell you I tagged you.

    Your Friend
    Poem Girl

  4. I awarded you! =)


  5. Yes, you are crazy ;). for these two facts:

    IT'S STILL OCTOBER IN STABBY LAND {Stabby would like to inform you of that}

    Thor isn't EXACTLY ugly..... he's sorta kinda maybe cute.....

    1. Um, OK...... ;D

      I'm going to have to argue with you on that one!! :) THOR. IS. UGLY. LIKE. HE'S. THE. UGLIEST. OF. THE. AVENGERS. EVEN. OVER. HAWKEYE. AND. THAT'S. SAYING. SOMETHING. =D

    2. OH I BEG YOUR DIFFER! Bring it on..... I have my caplock ON!! ;)

      Point out 8 facts that make him ugly in his beautiful little world of BEAUTIFUL-NESS.

    3. I agree with Madeline ;) Thor isn't all ;) lol(:

      Madeline: "ITS STILL OCTOBER IN STABBY LAND {Stabby would like to inform you of that}" gahhh, girl, you made my day ;)

    4. 8 facts of Thor's ugliness:

      1. Beady eyes. Uck.
      2. Too long hair.
      3. Looks like an injected hot dog.
      4. Ugly heart.
      5. Ugly attitude.
      6. Ugly face in general.
      7. Large nose.
      8. Always crashing and destroying things when he falls from the sky.

      Yup. ;D

    5. So if I don't study, that suddenly makes me not pretty? Nada. It doesn't. I don't have to study to be pretty. So how could crashing and destroying things make Thor ugly?

      Maybe I blog too much..... DOES THAT MAKE ME UGLY?!?!?

    6. lol this wasn't meant to start a WAR. =D What?? What does studying have to do with pretty?? A person can be pretty on the outside and on the inside. For me, Thor is ugly in both senses. You can think he's handsome, and that's OK. :)

      If there's any more comments about this discussion after this, I'm going to have to delete it because I love all of you guys and don't want to start this huge war which ends in us all hating each other!!

      Have a great day!! :)


  6. Dear Storyteller,
    I second the motion! Thor is hideous
    to say he's handsome is like saying
    a Troll's handsome (closest ugly thing
    to him) and anyways Thor boasted to much
    about his strength and you're right Iron man
    is really full of himself I keep wondering
    when did this happen I mean seriously in his first movie
    he was humbled and became noble thus he decided to help
    protect those weaker than himself making him a hero
    but then in the second one he was back to being awful!
    Your Friend

    1. hahaha well, thank you. I haven't watched any of the Iron Man movies, except for the Avengers of course, but I was told he was still pretty jerky so I definitely DIDN'T want to watch them. :P


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