Ellen and I were calmly inside of the ucky little parlor on the far side of the castle.

OK, I admit it.

ELLEN was sitting calmly.

I only was on the outside. Inside I was imaging Walt and I galloping our horses far away from this place and having a better life in a far off place.

So it was to my great surprise when the door flew open.

To our amazement, it was one of the castle guards before us. Running after him were some of our mother's ladies-in-waiting and our father's personal protector.

"What is the meaning of this?!" demanded Ellen angrily, rising off her seat.

That's when I realized it WASN'T when one of our castle guards. In fact, it was Lochinvar's ugly page, who was wayyyyyy too old to be called "pageboy".

"Sir Lochinvar has gone off to war!" cried the page. "He...he bid me to stay and to comfort his fair lady with whom his affections shall ever stay."

Uck. How gross was that?

Ellen's face was full of sorrow. "Gone off to war? But whatever for...?"

It was obvious to me. I don't know why, see, but guys just can't resist war. In fact, some guys WANT war, so that they can go to war. I guess it's kind of the concept of playing cowboys and Indians. Who knows?

Ellen dropped her embroidery. "I shall never love again if he dies," she whispered.


I knew that it was going to be hard for Ellen, but I didn't think that if Lochinvar died Mother and Father were going to let her not get married anyways.

I sighed. I had to be there for my sister.

After all, we WERE sisters, even if I hated Lochinvar's guts.


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