A Life is a Life

When a life is taken,
Suddenly you realize,
It's precious,
And not just in God's eyes,
It should be precious,
In your own life,
To know that that's another person,
Pulling through the same strife.
When there's a death,
Even if you don't know who they are,
Suddenly you realize they're life, too,
They're God's little star.
But now they're gone from this world,
Their life taken away,
And you wonder what could've gone differently,
If you'd been there that day.
A life is a life,
And there's no mistake,
The choice of a life,
Is one we all must make.
To keep something alive,
Even if you give it away,
Is something much more precious,
Than gold, I would say.
A life is a life,
You can't get around that,
It isn't made of clay or mud,
Dropped on the ground--splat!
It's a precious thing, a life,
A one and only thing--
It's the difference between a bear,
And a bird who sings.
A life is a life,
What're you going to do?
A life is a life,
But you haven't got a clue.
You don't see the dirty works,
That hide while your life goes on,
You haven't seen the fruits of the evil,
That have been there all along.
A life is a life--
So what's your choice?


  1. This is so beautiful, Storyteller! <3

  2. Hey Storyteller,
    Are you gonna post the winners of the story contest today?
    I liked the poem :)
    Your Friend
    Poem Girl

    1. Oh, yeah, I forgot, thanks. =P Did you enter?? I didn't find your entry...

  3. Dear Storyteller,
    oh well I wrote it in a comment awhile ago
    here's the link
    Your Friend
    Poem Girl


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