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(Note: thanks to Miss Melody Muffin for the Liebster Award. When I have time to visit all of those peoples' blogs, I will publish it.)

My special friend, Ryder, is having a story contest over at Ryder's blog, and I have decided to enter. :) My entry:

I'd been working with the CIA ever since WWII, just a few years before. They'd seen how well kids worked as spies, since nobody suspected them. I had been a great help to them through the war, sneaking into countries and pulling back information. But I was hardly expecting the next mission.

"We need you to go to Idaho," my commanding officer told me.

"America?" I asked in surprise. "Why on earth?"

This was my first mission after the end of WWII. I had gotten leave for a few years. I was only sixteen by then. And now I was already being sent off on another mission? And to Utah?! Whether I wanted to or not, I had my bags packed and I was taking a train to Utah before I could even say goodbye to my pet goldfish. My story was that I was staying with my Aunt Hannie, code named Mama Bear for the operation. Her spy name was Dallas, and her real name was unknown. (Well, I knew it. But I can't tell YOU what it is.) I had barely stepped off the train when I found myself gripped by the arm by "Aunt Hannie".

She took me back to her house and explained that there had been rumors about a group called Red Revengers that were going to attempt to take the president's life. They'd been tracking them for months now, and the trail ended here in Utah.

My mission? Found out more.

It was pretty easy, as far as "Aunt Hannie" told me. We were pretty sure that the Red Revengers were hiding out somewhere in the Utah wilderness. It just so happened that the school that she was enrolling me into was taking a field trip out there, accompanied (of course) by some boy scouts. I wasn't sure why on earth boy scouts were involved, but apparently they were.

So I dressed in civilian clothes and was shipped off to the school. The woman that was leading the field trip, a Mrs. James, reminded me slightly of a tomato, but I wasn't going to say so. She introduced the boy scouts accompanying us--Jack, Harry, and Tom. Jack had dark hair and pale skin, Harry was fair, and Tom was darker. But I didn't care about THEM.

We started off in a beat up old truck. All of us kids had to sit in the back. While everybody complained about the heat, I was just thinking about the Red Revengers. We stopped by this huge ridge, and Mrs. James instructed us to get out and walk around a little. Meanwhile, the boy scouts started to lecture.

I knew we had to be close. I'd noticed some telephone wires that somebody had tried to hide, but I'd still seen them. And not only that--I'd seen the red hand. The sign of the Red Revengers, and no mistake. It had been on the small post hooked to the barb wire fence on the way up here.

I slowly broke away from the group as the boys continued to lecture, starting towards the top of the ridge and wishing that I were wearing pants instead of this dress. I reached the top of the ridge and was about to crouch down when all of a sudden one of the boy scouts yelled up to me.

"Hey!" he yelled. "You! Get back down here!"

I quickly ran over the ridge. There was lose shale here, and I started to slip. But I was trained for these kind of things, and didn't panic. I saw a small cave off to the side and quickly slipped inside. A few moments later, I saw the boy scouts slipping down the shale, too. I glanced up towards the top of the ridge and saw Mrs. James looking on worriedly, while the kids with her looked totally bored.

I looked around inside the cave and nearly gasped. It was covered in red handprints. That's when I heard an evil chuckle, and then somebody put their hand on my mouth. I stamped on their foot and they yelled, getting the attention of the boy scouts at the bottom of the hill.

"What was that?!" one of them cried. And they started back up the hill of shale.

I karate kicked the man behind me in the stomach and then started to race off down a tunnel that I'd noticed. I heard the man get up and run off another tunnel. And that's when I heard the boy scouts chasing me. So far, this mission had pretty much been a fail. But maybe, at the end of this tunnel, were more of the Red Revengers.

The tunnel opened up into a huge, empty cavern. There wooden tables covered in cluttered papers and pens, maps hanging on the walls, and dim lanterns hanging from the ceiling. I even saw a telegraph operating set over in the corner. I knew morse code, so I quickly went over to send a telegraph to the CIA.

Found hideout Stop, I wrote. (If you didn't know, "Stop" is a period in morse code.) Right outside of town Stop Send back up as soon as possible Stop Still have only met one person of the Red Revengers who attacked me Stop 

"What're you doing?!" somebody pulled me out of the seat.

I threw off the headset and was confronted by the boy scouts. I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do. Then I finally decided to play it innocent. I told them I knew how to do morse code and was just sending a telegraph. Then they asked about the yell. I answered truthfully that I'd been attacked. 

One of the boys, Tom, I think, grabbed a piece of paper where I'd written down my message. His eyebrows went up and he demanded to know where it meant. Especially the Red Revengers were. I told them I couldn't tell.

I heard somebody coming down the tunnel and told them to go and hide. They did as they were told, and then I joined them under the table. I didn't hear anybody for a long time, so I slowly came out from under the table. That's when everything went black.


When I woke up, I saw I was in a train of some kind. I was about to start kicking and screaming when somebody ssshd me and whispered, "It's OK."

I heard somebody breaking my bonds. Then they ripped off my gag, and I saw it was the Tom boy scout.

"What happened?" I wanted to know, rubbing my aching head.

He explained that when I came out this guy and his goonies hopped out of no where (or so to speak) and knocked me out. They'd followed them here, where they'd tied me up and put me in the boxcar. So while they were off discussing an evil plan (which he'd sent Harry and Jack to hear) he came and rescued me.

I admitted that it wasn't bad. We went and met up with Harry and Jack, who filled us in on everything. Apparently the Red Revengers were taking off for the capitol on this same train to go and kill the president. I clenched my fists. We couldn't let that happen.

We found some dynamite, kerosene, matches, and rope. Everything you ever need to sabotage anything. We all split up and got everything ready. The guys came out of this old warehouse by the train and started towards the train. That's when we blew the whole thing up. Shocked, they turned back towards the warehouse, which we'd soaked in kerosene. Jack lighted it. It blew up, too.

And then we came out. The boys knew some self defense, and I knew karate, and soon we had them knocked out and tied up. I smiled to myself. We hadn't done that bad. The CIA had obviously gotten my message, because at just that moment several cars drove up and "Aunt Hannie" jumped out.

Everything was explained to the boys, and they were all offered places at the CIA. Smiling, they accepted.

As for me? Well.... we'll have to see about that....

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