Stand up--fight!

I see the pain around me,
Swirling like a mist,
I see the names before my eyes,
Like a deadman's list.
I can't bear to see the name on there,
The name of my friend.
I run away down the road,
Going past the bend.
I feel like I can't face life now,
It's all wasted away.
I wish I could've saved them,
Been there that day.
But they died, there was no help,
They're gone from this world.
How come so many innocent lives,
Into death are swirled?
I do not understand these things,
These troubles of this life,
I do not know how to get to victory,
To pull through this strife.
It seems so hopeless a quest,
I might as well give up before
Someone even closer to me,
Is put behind the shut door.

No, stand up, fight!
Lift your eyes towards light!
Look for the bright,
See the everlasting sight!
Stand up, Christian,
I am here, I am your Lord,
I am your God,
Take up your sword!
You're not finished yet,
I have plans for you,
What's in store,
You haven't a clue.
But put your trust in me,
And I'll see you through.


be nice ∞ be kind ∞ be a hero

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