Entry for Maddie's contest =)

OK, so I'm supposed to pick a special theme, so my theme is going to be that of a dream, OK? :)

* * *

I could see it--I could see the fear on my family's faces. I saw the tears falling on their pale cheeks. I saw the black-gloved hands of the people carrying them away--away from me, away from the world. Taking them, stealing them away forever.

"Save us," they whispered. "Save us."

I reached out for them, but I couldn't reach them. I cried out for help, but nobody came to my aid. I struggled to help them, but somebody help me back. I screamed and pushed and fought for my freedom, so that I could save my family, but I could not get away.

"Somebody," I whispered, tears streaming down my cheeks, "somebody come and rescue me."

Suddenly hands were lifting me up. Suddenly I was as free as a bird, and I raced towards my family with outstretched arms. Somebody was holding my hand the whole time, keeping me on my feet. I ran towards them, calling out. And somebody freed my family, giving them back to me. And suddenly I knew who it was, that had been there, who had taken my hand and lifted me up.

"Thank you, God," I whispered. "Thank you."

* * *

OK, just say it. I stink at short stories. =P Oh well..........


  1. You don't stink at short stories! This is pretty good:-) Thank you so much for entering!!!!

    1. haha well I think I do, but thanks. :) You're welcome!! My pleasure. :)


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