*fictional fictional* The following message is a fictional story created by your author, who happens to love the Secret Series. Please humor her. Or she might get dangerous. (Not really, but you never know.)(Hmm... is that chocolate...??)

I have to come to answer a few things.

First off, whenever I have a certain, um, weird kind of message like this, my name is going to be Willow, so you can just call me Willow whenever I'm acting strange like this. When I'm sane, then I'm Storyteller. Got that?

OK. Proceed.

I've come to tell you that...

Xxxxxxx xx xxxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xx. Xx xxxx? Xxx xxx! Xxx xxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxx xxxx xx. Xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxx xxx?! Xxxx xxx!

Oh, I forgot. I couldn't tell you that part.

What? you say.

But I really couldn't.

If you offered me chocolate, I might.

I just love chocolate.

My best friend Yo-Yoji tells me it's my only weakness.

Yeek! I really didn't say that, did I?

I suppose I did.

At least I didn't tell you about Cass and Max-Ernest.

Oh, no, I've done it!!!

Well, I should pride myself in not admitting that I know the Se--I mean, IT.

I couldn't believe I almost said it.

And I'm only newly-admitted into the Terces Society, too!!

Lily would be having fits!!

You know, I should be really very glad that Pietro told me that the members of the Midnight Sun NEVER come onto Blogger.

(Phew! I'm safe!)

OK, so what am I talking about?

I'm talking mostly about The Secret Series.

What?! You think they're fictional?!?!

Far from it!! They're historical documents!!!

What? I'm bananas? Hey, I don't like bananas. I like chocolate.

I suppose I should explain.

Yes, I took the quiz in the fourth book.

And sent it to Ma--I mean the author.

And he was like, "wow! All perfect answers!"

And so I got inducted into the society.

And since Cass had been kidnapped--I mean!!...

Well, anyway, since she wasn't there and I knew the Secret from having read all of the books, I become a substitute Secret Keeper.

Yup, aren't you proud of me?

What--you think I'm batty?!

Sheesh, go and read the Secret Series.

You're sorry? Oh, well, I forgive you then!!

Eh? What's that?

You say that you'll forgive ME (I have no idea what for. I never did anything to YOU) if you can get Yo-Yoji's and Cass's and Max-Ernest's autograph, some of the famous Senor Hugo's chocolate, AND be induced into the Society?!

You have got to be kidding me.

Hmm... is that chocolate I smell...??


  1. eek Willow shut your mouth before you spill all their secrets!!! :) This was really cool thanks.
    Your Friend
    Poem Girl

  2. Hi Storyteller!! This is Ariel or Skye from www.entwinedessence.blogspot.com and I just dropped by to pay you a little visit. I love your blog design!! And... you are a great storyteller. You are welcome back at my blog anytime. Well Shalom for now new friend.

    1. Hey! Thanks for stopping by!!
      I'll definitely come back!! :)

  3. I'm sorry, Storyteller, dear, I am utterly confused. :/


    1. lol it's from the Secret Series. =P (if you look it up on wiki, this will much more sense.) I like the way that they write in the book a lot--lots of rambling--so I thought I'd try it on here. (not that I'm not rambling enough.) Anyway, so that's the story behind it. :)

  4. LOL. I LOVE the Secret Series! :D


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