Sorry I didn't post yesterday. :/

Yeah, sorry. See, I got sick again. No, no, not the same sickness. New deal. It wasn't that bad, but I was sleeping most of the day and then watched two movies and then finally went to bed. And then this morning I was guzzling gatorade. =D And THEN, I was off feeling better and eating macaroni and cheese and playing Quelf. (Awesome game. You should try it some time. ;D) Anyway, so, yeah.......

Thanks sooooooo much for everybody entering the Unusuals cover contest!!!!! You guys are soooo awesome!!!!! I love all of the entries!!!!! :) I think this is the most-entered contest I've held other than the design contest on Rubberboot Girl. I'm so proud of you guys. :) Let's just say that I'm seeing that design contests are the most-entered. =D

Also, the comments? LOVE YOU GUYS!! I come onto my dashboard thinking "I'm probably going to have like one or two comments since I wasn't on yesterday" and then I saw them.


Yes, eleven comments!!!!!!!!!!

You guys are THE sweetest. <3

Also, I'm now going to be doing full-out admin-invited blog designs, so if you want me to do a blog design for you, email me at I will still be doing just-over-blogger things, too, so don't be afraid. =D Just contact me on my My Designing page like usual. I'll be putting this email address on there so if you forget it, not sweat. ;)

If you guys didn't know this, I'm working on getting my book Rubberboot Girl edited to be published. So far, my very awesome and thorough editor is on, I think, like chapter four or five. Yeah, they're really thorough. Anyways, that's going really good...

Before I leave ya'll, who do you guys think is awesomer? Susan Pevensie or Lucy Pevensie? I know it's random, but hey... I just want to know. ;D

haha actually, this picture is kind of funny. Susan looks like "wow, I'm totally bored out by that lion..." and Lucy just looks like "Ugh, I need to sleep..." =D


  1. I don't know who's better! But I love the chronicles of narnia! <3

  2. Oooh dear poor you Storyteller I totally understand I've been feeling under the whether myself lately and it's totally not fun.
    Probably Lucy cause Susan was kinda weird in Prince Caspian.
    Your Friend
    Poem Girl

    1. I hope you get better!

      I've always liked Lucy, mostly because in the books Susan didn't go to Narnia when she died. :( And then I watched the movies... wow, yeah... =P

  3. I'm sorry you where sick...

    I can't beleive that you are finally editing to publish!!! You are going to have to send me a link to it as soon as it's published! I can't wait!

    Ummm, I've always had a soft spot for Lucy, but I think they are both awesome:-D And that picture is kinda funny:-)

    Thank you again, for having the Unusuals Book cover contest<3 I love it!


    1. Thanks. :)

      I know!! I'm really excited!! Don't worry, I'll make sure to post the link on all of my blogs!!!!! :)

      Yeah. =D

      You're welcome!! Thanks for entering!!! :)

  4. LUCY!!! I love her and have loved her since I was like 8 or 9. Whenever the first movie came out. I remember being SO crushed when I learned that she was three years older than me. lol


  5. Oh, congrats on your book being published! I really enjoyed the Rubberboot Girl when I read it.
    Lucy, with out a doubt. I really don't no why, maybe because she is the one who found Narnia or that she always has hope that Aslan is going to come and help them.
    Its always yucky to be sick :P,but I am glad your better and back!

    1. Well, I haven't contacted a publishing company yet or anything, but I'm pretty sure that we've got one that we're going to try out first. But who knows? Thanks! :)

      Yeah, I'm kind of with you on the Lucy thing.....

      Thanks! :)


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