Letters to Jo Quiz

1. If you had parents who beat you, what would you do?
A. Pray for them and get away to a safe family for then.
B. Try and take it, because you do love your family, but if everything turns south, run away for your own safety.
C. Are you kidding?! Run away! You should NEVER have to go through that!!

2. If you ran away, where would you go?
A. To a family who were Christians.
B. To a place where you know.
C. I would run far far away.

3. What's your favorite pastime?
A. Playing the guitar.
B. Writing poems.
C. Painting nails.

4. What's your best friend like?
A. Somebody's who's really quiet.
B. Somebody really peppy.
C. Somebody just like you.

5. What's your personality most like?
A. Nice and open.
B. Quiet and artistic.
C. Rather bossy and kinda rude.

6. What's your favorite animal?
A. A dog.
B. A lovely cat.
C. Animal?! What animal!?

7. What's your favorite name?
A. Joanna.
B. Willow.
C. Laura.

8. What's your favorite kind of book?
A. A Christian family book.
B. A fantasy book.
C. A book about a girl and her school life.

9. Your friend offers to take you to a concert, but your parents say you can't. You...
A. Don't go, of course.
B. Sneak out with an excuse.
C. Excuse? Boldly go against your parents' wishes and go! Duh!

10. What would you call your book of thoughts?
A. Your book where you put your thoughts to God.
B. Your journal.
C. Your diary.

OK, so mostly As are...

Jo!! :)

Jo--Jo is the best friend of Willow, a Christian.

Mostly Bs, and you're...

Willow!! :)

Willow--Willow is the main character of the story, and writes the story in her journal, or in letters to her friend, Jo.

Mostly Cs, and you're...


Laura--Laura is the mean adoptive sister of Willow. OK, she's not horribly mean. She's more misguided, because she's the youngest of a family who hasn't taught her what's good and right.

I'm Willow, by the way. No, I do not sneak out at night. It's just that I got the majority of hers. =P


  1. I'm Willow I think in the last Letters to Jo quiz I took I was Jo :)

    Your Friend
    Poem Girl

    1. Yeah, I got a LOT of Jos, but I still ended up being Willow..... :)

  2. Well, I ended up as Willow. Obviously. :P Willows are just popping up everywhere in my life.


  3. Willow:-D *grin* I don't sneak out at night either... I got 1 more B than A's!

    1. lol Yeah, I basically got all of the Jo ones that were obviously Jo, but the rest were Willow. =P


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