AS--The Sky Ship

"Brumb--" I started to say.

He wasn't there. It was just a pile of clothes.

I dropped them and turned around, ready to fight.

The only person who showed himself was Damien.

"Your dad's gone," I hissed. "Something's going on."

The roar sounded off again.

"Come on!" I urged, going off through the trees.

My worry over Brumby was getting bigger. This definitely couldn't be good. I could hear Damien running underneath me as  I flew through the trees, wildly looking for Brumby. I couldn't help but wonder where on earth the poor old man had gotten himself to. The roar went off again, and I shivered. Whatever was making that sound, I was sure, had come and stolen Brumby. I just hoped that we weren't too late to save Brumby from being roasted and, gross enough, probably eaten by whatever beast was there. I just hoped it wasn't trolls. They were bad enough, and liked to squish their victims into jelly which, of course, is most disgusting.

"Do you see anything?" Damien yelled from the ground.

"No!" I shouted down to him.

The dark was fading fast, and I was starting to lose hope for poor old Brumby.

I looked up to the sky, and suddenly an image flashed through my head of the night when I'd left my village--because it had been ransacked by sky pirates.

I climbed to the very top of the trees. I swayed wildly in the wind. The dawn's rays of light pierced my eyes and blinded me, but I put my hand in the way of the sun and peered in the sky.

It was just as I feared.

A sky ship was flying off.

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