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I know a lot of you guys thought my last post as kind of confusing. I admit it, it was. I'm sorry if you guys didn't like it. (Please tell me if you didn't.) It's because yesterday I finished The Secret Series (which, by the way, I really like) and I like the way the author writes the books (*rambling fashion*) so I thought I might try it, but doing it with The Secret Series still. sigh But if you guys don't like it, I can wipe Willow off the planet and you guys won't ever hear about her again. On the other hand, if you liked the kind of writing, it's just you're confused about the people and everything, I can do an explaining post. Be talk to me about that. Meanwhile, I believe we're going to have three story chapters. (Yes, this is a long post. Very long. I hope you don't mind. :))

(Pernisia's next part to our story...)(Poem Girl wrote that< :))


She pulled me and up and dragged me along behind and for a second I felt icy cold, like someone or something was watching us and I had a fear, a fear that I would never see my parents again or my sisters or my brother….and then I heard a howl and that set me ticking. 

“Rowan do you have a knife?”

“A knife?”

“I mean a dagger, do you have a dagger?” She nodded and pulled one out of a leather sheath and handed it to me. I gripped it awkwardly and used it to pry a huge chunk of loose wood from a tree I placed it in the thin entrance of a cave and looked back at her ‘I’m sorry.” I faced my makeshift door it began to glow and I walked through.

Light enveloped me and I felt relief but also sadness and regret. I exited the doorway and collapsed on my bed, but I was interrupted by a loud voice saying…

“Hey, Pernisia you forgot to give me back my dagger.” I jumped up and turned round and standing before me with her hands on her hips was Rowan. I handed the dagger clumsily back.

“Did you think I’d just let you leave with it, and do you dislike me so much you wanted to abandon me to something your loud screams probably brought on us?” 

“I..I” I began. “I didn’t think you could come I…I mean it didn’t work when I walked through your door.”

She smirked and replied. “Well you used my dagger to make it so of course I could come.”

“Pernisa?” I could hear my mothers’ voice reverberating through the door.

“Oh, you need to go my mother will freak if you she see’s you and I’m supposed to be grounded.” 

“Grounded? Where are we anyways I’ve never been here before?” 

“um…America 2012?”


“Oh, uh, you got to go I mean really go!” 

She glared at me. “Fine I’ll go." She opened my window and perched on it like she was going to jump. 

“No!” I shrieked “Don’t this is like the fourth floor!” 

“Pernisia, what’s going on in there?!” 

“Nothing mom really nothing.” And then the howls erupted from somewhere again and I held my hands to my head and fell on my bed crying in distress and then….


"I don't understand," I admitted. "Where are we?"

"We're in my house," Pernisia told me. "That was my mom. You've got to hide." Before I could say anything, Pernisia shoved me underneath her bed with a whole bunch of stinky shoes, mothballs, and dust. I nearly sneezed, but put my hand over my nose.

"Pernisia?" came the voice of what I would assume was her mother. "Pernisia, is that you?"

"Yeah, Mom." I saw Pernisia's feet crossing the floor over to a door. She opened it, and then I was confronted by a new pair of shoes--weird ones that twisted your feet funny, with a thin stick coming down from the heel.

"Pernisia, what's that awful smell?" her mother demanded. The mother kept on sniffing. "It smells... like sweat or something. Have you been working out in here or something?"

"Of course not," answered Pernisia with a nervous chuckle. "Are you kidding? It's just the smell of my PE clothes. You know how ruthless my gym coach is."

"Apparently pretty ruthless," answered her mother. "Now, I know that you're all mad at us about... yeah, that, but I don't think you should be." She paused. "Now, your father and I are going out for a dinner with your father's associates. While we're gone, I expect that you'll do the dishes and keep out of trouble. Alright?"

"Of course," Pernisia answered. "Bye."

I heard the sound of her mother kissing her, and then saw the strange-shoed lady exit the room.


I hope you guys liked that!! :) Now onto Wyn..........


I finally made it out to the stable. I could barely see Walt sleeping in the corner in some old rags.

"Walt!" I hissed.

Walt sprung up, grabbing my wrists and putting his hand over his mouth. When he spoke, I realized with horror that this definitely was NOT Walt.

"Don't move if you want to live," hissed the deep voice.

I didn't move. I couldn't imagine what was going on, but it was NOT Walt that was holding me prisoner. I couldn't think of who it was. My neck pulled back as I felt the dagger press hard against my skin.

"Now come quietly with me," the person directed, moving us through the stable.

This wasn't good. Wasn't good at all.

We were about to exit the stable when a voice came from behind us.

"You'd better let her go!"

We turned, and there was Walt, a stone in each hand.

"Oh," snorted the voice, "and I should listen to a little boy with rocks?"

Walt whipped back faster than I'd thought possible. The rocks went flying. At that moment, I dropped to the floor. Behind me, I heard the man groan and fall backwards.

Walt rushed forward. "Are you alright?"

I nodded, breathing hard. "Who was that?"

We both knelt before the person, and slowly pulled off their mask.....


I suppose I'm kind of getting known for cliff-hangers, huh? =P


My hand strayed to my bow and I notched an arrow. I felt Damien whack my arm and I turned to glare at him. But he was just shaking his head. After much mouthing and hand wapping, I finally put the arrow back, but kept my hand firmly on my bow. He definitely couldn't make me put down THAT.

We didn't move for the longest time.

And that's when I heard the roar.

"We've got to get back to your father," I whispered urgently, taking off through the trees as swift as a squirrel.

"Wait...!" hissed Damien, but he was too late.

I jumped out of the tree and started to run. I could see our camp up ahead. I ran towards Brumby's sleeping form, rolling him over.

"Brumb--" I started to say.

He wasn't there. It was just a pile of clothes.

I dropped them and turned around, ready to fight.

The only person who showed himself was Damien.

"Your dad's gone," I hissed. "Something's going on."

The roar sounded off again.



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  1. It was a bit of a confusing post , but I still liked it. :)

    1. Sorry for the confusingment. lol =P I'm glad you liked it still!!

  2. Neat! Keep on writing :)
    Your Friend
    Poem Girl

  3. That is really interesting.
    Thanks for the header and blog button.
    I love them.

  4. Wow! Did you change your header? It looks awesome! alex

    1. Actually, I had it up for awhile. :) Thanks!!

  5. Thanks for the explanation! I liked the random post, it was fun to read, I just didn't understand what you were doing. :)

    Lovely stories!


    1. Yeah. =P OK, I think I'll put up more of an explanation page too. :) Thanks!

  6. Where do you get those really neat pictures?

    1. I get my pictures off both Pinterest and Google. Most of the pictures you see I got off Google. :)


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