There was a time when I wished I was a fairy.

It's true. I did. Of course, I was like ten years old. But I can still remember it. I was reading a book series at the time about these girls who found out that they were like these flower fairies. I yearned to be one of them. I yearned to know what flower I was from. I yearned and yearned. But of course nothing ever happened.

It's kind of interesting, your childhood dreams. When I was younger, I used to want to be a nurse. I remember that my mom asked me to draw a picture of what kind of job I wanted. I can still faintly see that person in a nurse's uniform.

And now? Hey, you want your slop bucket emptied, I'll do it. You want the spider killed, I'll do it. But empty out somebody's guts? Hold down somebody while they're getting their leg chopped off? No thanks. It's not for me anymore.

And now? My dreams lie somewhere else. It's funny how dreams are like that. You have one dream, and then either you fulfill it or it just fades away, to be replaced by a different dream that you have the highest hopes for.

What are your dreams?

And by the way, enjoy the last days of 2012 while they last. There won't ever be a 2012 ever again.


  1. I used to wish I was a fairy too. :D Or a mermaid. How was your Christmas by the way? Mine was awesome! :)

    1. Yeah. It was great! I'm glad yours was!! :)

  2. Yes I love fairy books too! Was that book series by any chance called Fairy Chronicles? :)


  3. Well then, I'll tell you a you can't tell anyone this it's a secret a S.E.C.R.E.T...

    I'm a fairy....

    no it's true don't you dare think I'm kidding or lying cause I'm not...I'm a fairy ;) in a book hahaha yep I am but only in a book a book that I'm writing but will never ever, ever be released to public it's mostly for me.
    Your Friend
    Poem Girl

  4. It's not related to the book we were talking about
    in fairy eyes this ones different...probably better actually...then my original idea not yours, yours is awesome :)
    Your Friend
    Poem Girl


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