A Post in which the insane Willow takes over for a moment

Hola!!! It's Willow. :)

Hopefully by now all of you have read the explanation page. (You know, Terces Society?)

Anyway, now you understand everything.

About the Midnight Sun and all.

Pretty interesting, huh?

This morning I got a coded message from Max-Ernest--

Xxxx xxx xxxxxx x xx xxxx xxxxxxx! Xxxxx xxx? Xxx x xxx xxxx xx. Xxxx xxxxx x xxx xx xxxxx xx xxxxx. Xxxxx xx xxx xxxxx xxxxx!

(Oh, yeah--I forgot. You guys can't read that message.)

I have learned that Saturdays are some of the most dangerous days of the week. Even more dangerous than Sunday, and that's saying something. Because on Sunday, when we're worshiping God at church, the Midnight Sun are tramping around in their white church gloves.


I say yes.

And why is Saturday even more dangerous??

Mostly because of the fact that everybody (including me) sleeps in for a ridiculously long time. (Usually 12:00 AM.) Of course, then why am I up?

Actually, I was hopped on by a dog who'd just been eating chocolate.

My chocolate.

I got pretty mad with Fluffy, so now he's outside.

And now I'm writing to you.

Yeah, I really have no idea why.

I'm really feeling an urge to go and eat chocolate.





  1. Ya Willow I get it now.
    Just keep your hands off the time travel chocolate okay.

    Goodness sooo Max-Enest and Cass how're they doing?

    Max is unbelievable writing out all the Terces society secrets but hey you're not much better Willow...well you're better than last time at least.

    Your Friend
    Poem Girl

    1. Remember? The Midnight Sun aren't on blogger. ;D In fact, Pietro TOLD me to write on here.

  2. Great post!

    I just changed my button. Is there any possibility that you could update it on Generation Gazette? It is on the side of my blog.

    Also, I have your button on my blog, and I was wondering if you could put my button on your blog. Thanks!


    1. Thanks!!

      Well... I'll have more time tomorrow, so please remind me. :)

      Well, thanks!! I'm not wanting too many buttons on the side, but I do love your blog. I'm trying to figure out this special way to have this kind of slideshow of buttons. I'll get back to you!! :)



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