Come one, come all, to see who won the story contest! =)

Welcome, welcome, welcome!!! I'm so glad to here today. And the happy news? I actually had enough people that I could award everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks bunches to everybody who entered, and of course to everybody who read the post. I'd also like to thank all of my followers! When I started that contest, I only had 59 followers. Now I have 71! You guys are so awesome and I love you so much!!! :) Thanks, Aidyl Ewoh, for joining the crew and becoming my 71st follower!!!! :) This is so awesome. You can just imagine how crazy I'm gonna get when I reach 100. =P (And don't forget like 1000. I think I would kiss somebody's feet!!!!!!!)


Now--onto the contest.

I loved all of your stories so much, but the one that I thought fit the purpose of the contest and what I liked best was a story by....

Purple Pixie!!! :) (Click the link to read the story.)

Congrats, PP!! You can pull off the award above and display it on your blog!!!! :)

You also win a header designed by me. Please talk to me about that. (if you want)

Second place goes to...

Brittney Ann!!! :) (Click the link to read the story.)

Congrats, Britt!! :) You can pull off that^ award and put it on your blog!!! :)

You win a button. (if you want it.) Please talk to me about that.

And, finally, third place goes the lovely...

...Piper!!! :) (Click the link to read the story.)

Congrats, Piper!! :) You can pull that off and put it on your blog!!

Also, you win a saying designed by me to put on your blog. (if you want)

Thanks so much for entering, gals!! :)


  1. Yaay! Thank you soo much! I'm so glad you liked it!
    ~Purple Pixie

  2. Thanks for awarding me storyteller! I am just curious- how many people entered? Oh, and can you make be a button for my blog Short Stories from Britt? Thanks again!

    1. Um, I think three. OK! Just remind me on Monday.

  3. Storyteller,
    Just wanted to tell you a few things quick.
    1. You still have to judge the header contest
    2. What did you think of my entry?
    you never wrote a comment about it so I don't know my entry was Tales of A Wandering Forest Princess in case you can't remember.
    Your Friend
    Poem Girl

    1. I know, I forgot and then I didn't have time today. :/
      I really liked it!
      (Promise not to tell? You got first!! :))

  4. Yay! :) I'm happy! Um, okay, for the saying...I'll think about a quote and get back to you. Should I email you or leave a comment?


    1. Okay, I think I've decided! I don't know who said, I just saw it on Pinterest.

      "She turned her can'ts into cans and her dreams into plans."



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