The Kiss

Roses fall,
At the call,
Books open,
We're copin',
Spyglass spying,
Person lying,
On the ground,
Coma sound.
Withered rose,
On the ground,
I listen,
For the sound.
Hear it now,
Rustling petals,
Hear the clank,
Of metals,
Clashing, smashing,
Destroying all,
They have come,
Because of the call.
None to fight back,
None to resist,
Waiting for,
The pure kiss.
Of True Love,
It is lost,
For that is,
The fateful cost,
Of giving away,
The special thing,
That happiness,
It should bring,
A special thing,
But you must resist,
Save that thing,
Your first kiss.


  1. Beautiful poem<3 Saving your first kiss is very special:-D It's also a blessing<3 I promised my some-where-out-there-true-love that I would save my first kiss for him<3


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