A Big Prayer Request

This wasn't the post I was planing today.

At all.

It seems that tragedy again strikes.

Our dog, Toby, has like weird scabby things on his neck that might be tumors/cancer. If that's so, we're going to have to put him down.

First off, let me explain his story and why this would be the most tragic ending ever for him.

We were looking for a dog to be a daddy for us so that we could make some really cute puppies. So we contacted this lady who said that she had the perfect dog for us. So we road off down to her house.

It was a puppy mill.

Well, I mean, it was exactly one, but that's what it SEEMED like.

The places stunk like crazy and all of the dogs looked matted and uncared for. I felt so bad for all of them. The lady kept on lying, not showing us the dog she'd promised on the phone.

When she finally brought him out, we saw him as the grossest dog there. He was just one big mat. His scared big brown eyes stared out at us. He was the perfect size, though. And I could see it on my mom's face--she wanted to get that poor dog out of there.

It was Toby.

We brought him home, gave him like seven baths until he was clean, and cut off his hair. He was so cute. But he didn't know how to do anything. He was literally scared of his own shadow. He didn't walk very well. He couldn't even hop up on the porch. He couldn't do anything.

We didn't know for sure, but we were pretty sure he'd been kept in a kennel all his life.

Oh, you should've seen the day when he found out he could run. He had the most blissful look on his face as he ran like crazy, jumping on and off the porch, sometimes running into things because his perception wasn't very good because it was the first time he'd ever run in his entire life. He looked so... so happy. He'd never been happy.

So that's why it's so sad. To be born in a puppy mill and put down at the vet's. I don't know if he's in pain right now, at least if he was then in pain he would just be put out of his pain.

Please pray that it won't be cancer or a tumor and that they'll be able to get it out and he'll live for several more years. It would mean so much to me. <3


  1. I'm praying. <3

  2. Aw poor poor thing :(

    I think I might have some positive news for you, I mean if you dog has what ours does our little Hank (he was the runt of our grandparent's dog's second and last litter) he has strange scabs on his stomach that appear every year and we're not quite sure what they are but we know from our own vet that what he has is not cancerous or anything bad it's just his health problems from being the runt and all.
    We switched his food and continued to give him lots of love and attention and usually with time he's all better (aside from a few of them)

    Maybe your dog has leftover health issues from the place he was in perhaps he was the runt whatever the case I hope you don't have to put him down he sounds like such a sweet dog.
    Your Friend

    1. I know :/

      No, I don't think that's what it is, unfortunately... :( I sure wish it was, but I'm not sure... :(

  3. One of our cats sometimes gets scabs all over his back and neck, they're just from allergies of some kind, and they happen after he's been outside wandering around. I know some other people who have had that happen to their pets, so there is a good chance that your dog Toby may have allergies...or they may be another reason besides cancer.

    Praying <3

    1. They gave him like some allergy medicine, but it didn't help at all. I think we've gone through three different medicines. :( Thanks so much for praying.

  4. Oh wow, that's such a sweet, sad story! I hope it's not cancer!

  5. Ohhh, how sad. My brother trains at the vet's office , and he always comes home with tragic puppy mill stories. I'll be in prayer for you and Toby.
    <3, Laura Ashley

    1. Thank you so much, Laura Ashley... <3

  6. That's so sad! I'm praying for Toby and you<3

  7. We are so sorry to hear about this! We will be praying! What a sweet story!

  8. I-I'm getting all teary eyed... that was such a beautiful story and I cannot bare to see ( or hear ) for this beautiful puppy to go.

    Toby, you are in my prayers. <3

    My aunt has a dog that is TERRIFIED of everything. And has OCD. They got him at an animal shelter, but before that he must have been abused. :( He's getting used to things now, which I am very happy for.
    So, I really hope that Toby will be okay. <3


  9. That's so sad. ;( I'll be praying.


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