lost... and found


the word makes me shiver.

but it's true.

i'm lost.

i glance around, but i don't know where i am. i can still remember the painful memory of leaving the house amid a torment of tears.


i hug myself, trying to get an ounce of warmth left. but even it, too, has gone away from me. now i'm really feeling lost. really feeling like no one's going to find me again, here in this cold, dark place. where am i, even? i don't know.


"anyone there?" i whisper. but there's no reply. there's no one here. i'm alone. scared. cold. tired. alone.


i collapse on the ground and cry. this isn't how my life was supposed to end! this wasn't supposed to happen! why was i here?! it didn't make any sense!


"help," escaped my lips. "help."

there wasn't any answer.

just a kind, gentle, lifting hand.

i kept my eyes closed. but i could feel them carrying me, their shoes stomping through the heavy snow. i could hear them, walking, mile after mile, carrying me. i didn't even open my eyes as i heard them walk up onto my family's porch, and lay me down on the porch swing.

my eyes flipped open.

no one was there.

but i think i knew Who it was.

"thank you," i whispered. "thank you."

i was found.


  1. Beautiful! I wish that I could
    Write like that. : D

  2. This has such a wonderful vibe. I assume the inspiration is a salvation story?


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