her name is Alice

"follow me."

her head whipped up at the sound. who had spoken? for she was alone in the woods. there was no living form in sight.

"follow me," the voice repeated.

a small rabbit skittered across the path. she felt more lost then ever. why had she ever strayed away from the party? why? she was mad at herself. now she would be lost forever in the woods.

the rabbit turned its head towards her. "follow me," it said. then it took off running.

"wait!" she yelled, hurrying to keep up in her heels. "wait!"

she hurried after the rabbit, suddenly wondering what on earth she was doing. chasing a talking rabbit through the forest? if she ever told anybody that, they would think she was crazy. or worse, just acting like a child again.

the face of her Aunt Matilda came into her mind, all warty and unibrow. "you'll never amount to anything in this world, Alice Heathrow! You are the most unresponsible sixteen year old that ever walked the earth! if you ever disappeared, everyone would be happy, because you were off their hands! nobody cares about you, Alice. you might as well face the facts! you're useless! worthless! ugly, horrible, disgusting, rude, shy, disrespectful..." the words went on and on. Alice closed her eyes to keep the voice out.

she turned around the bend of the trees just in time to see the rabbit jump into what looked like some kind of wooden box, past her middle in height, and about as long as she was tall. how on earth had the rabbit jumped that high? she teetered over and her heels and grabbed the edge for support, glancing down into the whole.

the next thing she knew, she was falling.

when her eyes opened, she was in Wonderland.

Hope you enjoyed that short story. ;) The picture just reminded me of Alice... for some reason. (as for the title... if you didn't know, there's a heavy rock song that I don't like made for the new Alice in Wonderland movie staring Johnny Depp {*shiver*} and the chorus goes, "HER NAME IS ALICE...!" And the only reason I know that is because somebody I know played it. =P)

I never liked the Disney movie Alice in Wonderland as a kid. In fact, it freaked me out. Beyond belief. I always liked the part where the cards are painting the trees, because then that meant that the movie was almost over.

Usually when I watch a scary movie, I'm not really scared because I'm afraid some physco killer is going to get me, I'm more afraid of the bad dreams that I'll get. And I feel like Alice in Wonderland is just one, bad dream that keeps on going and going and going...

And it's called a Disney classic.


I don't know about you guys. Do you guys like the movie? Think it's great? Good for you. All I can tell you is that my kids (if I ever have any) will never watch that movie when they're younger. If they want to when they're older, fine with me. But not while I can save them from nightmares. ;)

The Storyteller of Weston County, signing off...


  1. I didn't watch that movie until I was about 13, and I didn't really like it. I've read both the books and (of course) it didn't follow them, so that's always a damper. Yeah, Alice in Wonderland is a bit weird, there are parts in the book that always annoyed me because they seemed like a bad dream, annoying little animals saying the same thing over and over and poor Alice constantly being confused.
    Fun short story, by the way!

    1. I know. It almost makes my head dizzy to think about it... =P


  2. Alice in Wonderland is way too bizarre for my liking. I've read the book; it was gross. Weird. Beyond creepy. Like you said, one long bad dream. Ick. The movies (I've seen three versions) were all warpy-wonkers (is that even a word?). :p

    But I must say, you're short tale was beautiful! You're one of the best writers amongst us, Storyteller. <3


    1. Well, if warpy-wonkers isn't a word, it should be. ;)

      Thank you so much, Leslie!! :)

  3. Oo, I hate/hated that Disney movie as a kid/teen. It's totally one of the worst movies of my kid-hood. I haven't seen the new one or read the book, but your short story sounds much better than the movie:)

    1. I know. :/ Thanks:) I tried to change it a little... ;D

  4. My mom doesn't like Alice In wonderland, and neither do I. Just by looking at pictures of it I get the shivers. It's so creepy! That's why whenever my family and I go to Disneyland, we never go on the ride. (that is freaky too).
    Anyways, your story is great! You are an amazing writer!

    1. I know, it's sooo creepy...

      Thanks so much!! :)

  5. When I watched the older version of Alice in Wonderland, I kind of liked it. Other than the scary queen and the creepy cat, I thought it was a decent story. Definitely not my favorite, but okay. Then when the one with Johnny Depp came out - shiver - and they changed the whole story line around, it was... interesting. Overall, though, Alice in Wonderland is a very weird story. I don't know if I like it or dislike it... :P But your short story definitely sounds better than the other versions. It doesn't sound like it would give me nightmares like the other ones! :)

  6. Sometimes I randomly think of that song...but I can only remember "HER NAME IS ALLLICCCCEEE" I mean what kind of an Alice in Wonderland, A KID, song is that? @Dahlia, Haven't been to Disneyland in awhile, but I live near it. :P I hate the ride. And I mean HATE. I had a fear of it as a little kid so now I haven't been on it since. I've been on it once..I think. :P I like the movie though. The book confused me...I suppose that is why it is so famous.


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