My Life {Lately}

My dad's actually doing pretty great with his cancer. He hasn't lost his hair yet... (but we shaved it off. But it's kind of coming back...) But he's been having some other... problems. He hasn't puked lately, though, so that's really good. Please keep on praying for him. We're going to be going in August to the doctors to have radiation and then, ultimately, his surgery done to get rid of it once and for all. (hopefully) That's the plan. I'm going to be with them the whole time, so that means, like, the whole month of August. Which also means... *sniff sniff* Probably no time for blogger posts. (I mean, maybe like one or something, whether I have to run over to the library and a get on a computer there or steal my mom's kindle... but that's probably not going to be likely, huh?) So, if you're willing, I'm going to need more guest posters. (third time this year... what's been happening to me?!) Either that or I'm going to have to do scheduled posts like crazy.

And, um, no, I don't really like that idea.

My therapy's going really good. (if you didn't know, I tore my ACL in a skiing accident and now have to wear a neon yellow brace... oh yeah... I got to pick out the color ;)) I'm walking mostly without the brace now... at home, you understand. I always wear it when I leave the house. Mostly because we just don't want anything to happen to me, you know? You never know. The world is a dangerous place.


Anyway, so we've been catching up on some yard work. Yesterday I got the job of weeding. (oh joy) It went actually pretty quickly, and I got a lot done. (I would attribute that to some of my favorite songs playing on the CD player hiding underneath the umbrella to keep it from over-heating.) Yes, "Words" by Hawk Nelson is very inspirational while weeding... ;D

This morning I was reading in Ruth (in the Bible...) and lately, I've been really just motivated to memorize a verse each morning, you know? I might not remember everything, but at least it'll be familiar to me. Or maybe God will bring it back to me when I need it most. Anyway, I was mostly wanting a story this morning, and that's why I chose Ruth. (because it all ends good... yeah...) Anyway, and I was thinking, "Maybe I won't really memorize anything this morning..." You know? And then I caught sight of some of Ruth's words (that she was saying to Naomi), "Where you go I will go, and where you say I will stay." And that just made me think of that one Christian song that goes like, "Where you go I'll go, where you stay I'll stay, where you move I'll move, I will follow you." I just highlighted that. I loved that.

Anyway, so, any volunteers for guest posters for all of August? :)

Talk to ya'll later...

P.S. Before I leave, a big awesome shout out to Rose, who's been so open and willing to help me. <3


  1. I'm so glad your dad is doing better! I'll pray for him. :)
    I can guest post if you'd like me to, but I understand if you don't 'cause I'm rather new and you don't know me very well. :)

    1. Thanks, Christina. :)

      That would be awesome!! lol I'm positive that you'll be a good guest poster. :) I'm thinking that I want to get my guest posters arranged.... kind of like each one gets a certain day of the week to post, you know? I don't know if that would work, but I was just thinking...

    2. haha, thanks! :) That sounds like a great idea! You have my email, so just let me know...:)

    3. Yeah, I'm the one that you helped design that Three Princesses blog, remember? It had a pink background and my friend was gonna make a header.

  2. I'm praying for your dad and I really hope he gets better soon.
    I could guest post, but I might not be able to do a guest post every single day...

  3. I could guest post. :) *again.*
    Probably not every day, but like once a week! :D
    Xox. Kayla

  4. I had no idea your dad had cancer! I am praying!

  5. I will continue praying!!
    I am willing to guest post. ;)
    Miss H

    1. Thank you!!

      Thanks, that would be awesome!! :)

  6. I shall definitely be praying for your dad, as well as your leg!

    I also love what you shared about Ruth, I do love that story as well...

    Maddy :)

  7. I wouldn't mind guest posting, it's something I've never done... like, ever, but I'd be willing to give it a shot! I'm not a Christian (but I have full respect for people who are), but I will be sending a thought out to your father. I'm glad he's getting better, remember, every little improvement counts.
    Have a lovely day, girl (and contact me if you'd like me to guest post in August).
    lotus m.
    from 'my words and i' ♡

  8. I'll be gone the first 10 days of August, but after that if you still need guest posters I'd definitely be willing to help you out! :) I hope your dad is still doing great! :)



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