I love that feeling when everything's perfect.

(your first reaction: Um, well, yeah, duh...)

But I'm serious. I do. I mean, usually when we think of everything being "perfect" there's kind of like this voice in our heads that snorts, "Oh, yeah, right..."

(at least, in my head. Maybe I'm the only one here who has that sarcastic other person in their head.)

But I'm serious. There's just some of those times when everything just seems... right. You feel like you're right with God, right with your family, right with your friends... you've taken care of everything that you needed to, done everything that you wanted to, and now you can just settle back and just kind of relax. Because everything's perfect.

I love those times, especially since they don't come that often. Usually my life is one big mess that just makes this pit in the bottom of my stomach and that voice in my head go, "Ugh." Ugh ugh ugh ugh. I just get sick of it and wish it was all over. And wish that that perfect time would come back.

I'm in one of those perfect times. Back up on that mountain. I know that a valley's coming soon, but for right now, I'm just going to enjoy these times, up here on the mountain, with God, feeling that everything's perfect. <3

everything falls into place
everything is where it's supposed to be
we're all laughing and smiling
it's all right
it's all perfect


  1. That picture- so pretty! I want to jump into it- haha! Alex

  2. I was just thinking about that the other day! I love those times, they're so peaceful and happy...:)

  3. I'm so happy that you're up on the mountain! xx I love that feeling of everything being perfect, too. <3 Praying that when the valley comes you'll be given strength. God will always be there, but you already know that :D.

    I love you so much, Storyteller!

    big friendship hugs,
    xx Leslie

  4. YEP! That's about how I feel about perfect times long gone. :)

  5. Beautiful picture. :)

    p.s. here is what I'm wondering: what is a blog design giveaway? :P

    1. Thanks! :)

      It's when there's like a drawing for a blog design. I host one, and then I usually ask two other designers to do it with me. :)

    2. :)

      Oh..I've never heard of that, but cool! :)


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