AS--The Revelation

Calm down, Arawyn. I will explain things, but you might not understand everything. You must promise that you will never tell anybody but the King what we are about to tell you.

I immediately thought of Damien and Brumby.

Not even the boy and his father.

I didn't want to. Everything in my body fought against it. Why couldn't I tell them? It almost didn't seem fair. I glanced around again. Still there was only nothingness. Whatever it was was waiting for my answer. I felt it.

"Alright," I whispered. "Just tell me."

* * *

It has been fabled that whoever looked into the lake, if they were the right person, they would be told their destiny; their true calling.

"Yeah, I know that," I glared around in the darkness. I still had no idea who or what was talking to me.

This is not quite right.

I gulped. What?

The truth is that only those who have a mission that lies on the fate of the world will be helped through the Lake.

"I'm... I'm supposed to save the world?" I whispered.

Yes. Your mission is the most important one that will ever come into your world. The fate of the world, and your own, lies on what you do next. I can only tell you what you need to do, and then you must do it.

Slowly, I nodded. "Alright."

You are the rightful heir of this kingdom. You are really the Princess Arawyn.

I suddenly felt dizzy, and reached out to grabbed something, but there wasn't anything there. I collapsed on the ground.

You must find the Lost Locket and go and regain your kingdom before it is taken over by the Archduke of Corenth.

I was half hearing the person. I was a princess? The princess? How could this be? It didn't seem... possible. And yet was true. So true...

"Oh my gosh," I whispered. "I'm Princess Arawyn."

I have said everything I can say. I am now sending you back.

My eyes closed.

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