Thanks for all of your lovely comments!! :) I finally got to read them this morning. All of those posts? (from Friday through Sunday) Those were scheduled. Yeah, so where on earth was I?!

Well, I got the chance to go with some great friends to a free Christian music festival, which had a whole bunch of awesome artists at it. (yeah! I totally got a picture with Jason Gray! Ya know... the "Good to be Alive" guy???)

Anyway, I was super excited to find out that For King and Country was going to be there (because come on, I love their songs! Well, some of them... anyway...) so I was right up at the railing when they came on. Let's just say I didn't like them in person as much. (first off, they were kind of off tune and stuff, and then they were a little too showy for my taste. I mean, some people would say that they "put on a fun show", but if I'D done some of that stuff, I would've felt pretty stupid....) But guess what!! You know how I said I was at the railing????!!! Well, the lead dude (what's his name) jumped off the stage, stood right in front of me, and put his hand on my shoulder. By the time he'd left, I was pondering whether I should be excited that I was touched by the For King and Country guy or whether I should be freaked out that he touched me on the shoulder. (um... yeah....)

Someone else I really enjoyed seeing was Bebo Norman. (oh yeah... he said his mother would want everybody to know that she didn't name him Bebo--that's just what his younger sister called him because she couldn't say big brother... isn't that cute??? Anyway...)

The concert was really awesome. Let's just say that. =D

Anyway, I'll be talking to ya'll tomorrow. And thanks so much for 141 followers!! Oh my word!! That's so amazing!! And I'm SUPER excited to tell you guys my real name. :) God bless!


  1. Cool! :)

  2. Haha, I had so much fun reading this post!! I too really like some of For King and Country's songs, and that's hilarious!

    1. I'm glad!! :) haha I know, right? =D


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