sometimes i just feel like i'm falling apart

why do i feel like i'm just falling apart?
like i can't do anything, right from the start?
why do i feel like i fail at everything i try?
why couldn't i believe i could soar to the sky?
why can't i have the hopes and dreams that you possess,
instead of being stuck here, unless,
you don't even care about what happens to me,
your own future is only what you see.
you don't care if i live or die
if i smile or if i cry
you don't care what happens to me
it's you--that's the key

why do i feel like i'm just fall apart?
i just want to get away, our ways part,
is all of this just my fault, or not?
you act like you hate me, but your face i sought,
i wanted to hear you say the words, to see your eyes,
to see if i could break through your guise
that clouds everyone else's thoughts
but not mine--i'm just full of complicated knots
i'm a confusing mess of emotions and feelings
and you just act like i'm some sort of dealing
you don't act even like i'm real
but guess what--this is the real deal

why do i feel like i'm just falling apart?
i don't even know where to start
my thoughts and feelings are a confused mess
it's filling me with depression and stress
i'm trying to work it out, but it's not easy
i'm just telling the truth, not being cheesy
i'm asking God for the strength to seek
so that that person can finally speak
and tell me why they treat me this way
instead of being battered, day after day

i'm going to do it
do it now
so i can get rid of this feeling
this feeling that i'm unloved
that i can't do anything
just get rid of the feeling
that i'm falling apart

I'm not falling apart anymore.

But I was.

Thank you, Lord. <3


  1. Wow! Did u write this? It was absolutely beautiful! To be honest it's the way I'm feeling right now. The teenager years are just rough you know? Thanks so much for posting this =)

    1. Yes, I did. Thanks so much, Britt. :) I know... :/ You're welcome!! :)

  2. Hey Storteller,
    In case you didn't see my blog I thought I'd let you know on here.
    I drew a picture of Pernisia from our story Emotion Doors I also did Caleb
    and Rowan but I wasn't so pleased with how Rowan turned out so I thought
    Hey why not see if Storyteller would like to draw her! Because I've heard you
    say you like to draw and stuff so I thought I venture to request it.
    What do you think how's your schedule look can you squeeze in some drawing :D
    Let me know when you can (hoping your answer is positive :D)
    Your Friend

    1. Oh, sorry! I haven't seen that yet. =P (I'll go check it out ;)) I can try, if you want, though usually my characters don't turn out like I imagined them in my head, which is why I usually don't. ;)

  3. Yay :D that doesn't really matter neither do mine
    but Pernisia came out almost just right but when I tried to draw Rowan...
    Well she looked nice but totally off what I'd imagined plus I have an
    attachment with my characters that comes out in my art and so that
    affected it too my Rowan drawing probably won't appear on my blog.
    I'm so excited to see your art :D
    Your Friend


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