Pernisia and Rowan--The Elf Group

By Poem Girl

I stared at Rowan in confusion and then at Caleb, why was he so mesmerized it was just a little girl and why was Rowan acting all weird and calling her a boy? I was beginning to distrust my own mind…I mean clearly Rowan knew more about this sort of thing than me and since all of us appeared to be seeing different things it made more sense just to believe her.

“Ca-Caleb…maybe we should step back.” I grabbed his sleeve and tried to pull him back with me but he resisted his blue eyes were strangely glazed over and he was constantly paying the little girl compliments…even if he was seeing something akin to an angel…THIS WASN’T MY BROTHER!
Slowly the haze in his eyes cleared leaving them a forest green, he started and fell backwards.

“What?!” He jumped back up. “Who are you creature.” He demanded in most unlike Caleb words.

“HE’S A CHANGER!!!” Rowan yelled. “Are you deft?!”

“Caleb…your eyes…” I stammered.

He turned to me. “What about them?”

“Caleb, They’re Green!”

“Nonsense...” But I could tell he was unsettled too.

“Don’t ignore me!” The little girl yelled furiously flying forward all reserve falling like a blanket revealing something that barely resembled an impish human boy.

“What is this thing?!” I shrieked retreating.

“FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME IT’S A CHANGER!” Rowan shouted renting her anger out with a mighty lunge at the changer who screeched and flipped over her making its way toward me with frightening speed. “CALEB, DO SOMETHING!” 

She screamed. He shook himself and grabbed a nearby branch and wielding it like a sword he swiped at it. “Not like that!” Rowan yelled frustrated running towards us but the imp boy…changer thing…whatever seemed not to notice, his eyes flashed and he thrust his pointy elbow into Caleb’s back Caleb screamed and momentarily lost his concentration just enough time for the changer to make his way over to me and as all seemed lost a large group of pointy eared people streamed from the forest; bows and swords out they pressed forward.

It was of course a band of elves. 

By Me

Of course Pernisia and Caleb didn't know that the only way to get rid of Changers is to have an elf touch them on the forehead. Of course they didn't know that nobody else can touch a Changer without becoming under their spell until they disappear from sight. Of course they didn't know that I was trying to save their lives.

But they could have at least tried to understand!!

And now the elves were here.


"Get the Changer!" yelled what I know was the leader of the group. I knew, because he had a thin band of leather around his upper forearm painted with ancient elf language. I also knew they were a hunting party, because of the long spears they carried. They only carried spears when they were hunting. Otherwise it was bows and quivers for them.

A young elf about our age rushed forward and put his palm on the Changer's forehead before he could move. The Changer screamed and then disappeared.

"What on earth was that?!" shrieked Pernisia.

"Who are you, rogue elf?" the leader elf poked Caleb in the stomach.

Caleb's eyes grew huge. "I... uh..."

"His name is Caleb," I broke in quickly, stepping between the quivering human boy and the glaring elfin leader, "and he's really a human, but when he came here he became an elf."

The elf leader looked me up and down. "You're that rogue child. Rowan."

I lifted my chin. "Yes, I am. I am a Moon Daughter."

The elf stared at me. "A Moon Daughter?" His voice spoke reverence. He bowed down low to the ground. "You're one of the last of the Moonbloods."

"OK, OK, enough ceremony, break it up." Pernisia was all herself once the Changer was gone. "This is getting a little disgusting! I mean, groveling? Really? That's totally medieval age!"

"This is Pernisia," I introduced her. "She's Caleb's sister, also a human and a Moon Daughter."

"You must come to our camp," the elf leader told me. "We need to have you talk to the Elders."

A wolf howled in the near distant. I glanced around the forest we were in, and then back at the elf.

"You'd better make it snappy," I told him.

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  1. Yay you finished it! :D
    That chapter was awesome!
    Your Friend

  2. While this type of story doesn't attract my attention, from what I read you're quite talented. Keep it up, no matter what.


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